What Makes Gaia Riverlodge So Relaxing

by Khaila Gentle

Tucked away inside Belize’s Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, Gaia Riverlodge exudes a sense of tranquility and relaxation that’s hard to ignore. This eco-lodge in Western Belize is the definition of a far-flung retreat fit for escape. But what makes Gaia such a perfect locale for unwinding and recharging? Well, we have an idea. Keep reading to find out.

Location, Location, Location


The winding road that leads to the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve rivals the Hummingbird Highway in beauty. Although newly paved and smooth for the most part, the 30 or so miles between the town of San Ignacio and the nature reserve feel like a portal to another world. And, what more could one ask for when in search of a place to escape?

Photo Credit: Gaia Riverlodge

Gaia sits perched above the roaring Five Sisters Waterfall, surrounded by lush greenery as far as the eye can see. The sound of the rushing water bids welcome to guests who step into the eponymous Five Sisters Restaurant, alongside panoramic views of the valley below. It doesn’t take one long to realize just why this Belize resort’s tagline is, proudly, “private by nature.” Whether spending days doing yoga by the water or unwinding inside one of several cozy thatch-roofed cabanas, guests are sure to appreciate Gaia’s location in the heart of nature – the perfect place for a rejuvenating escape.

Light Shows and Magic Tricks

Photo Credit: Gaia Riverlodge

With an array of activities like birding, nature walks, biking, and hammock lounging, there’s no shortage of onsite activities to keep the body active and the mind occupied. But some of the most memorable experiences at Gaia are perhaps some of the simplest.

In the evening, guests gather on the deck of the Five Sisters Restaurant to watch the sunset. Bold reds and oranges paint the sky a captivating hue. With the sound of the water rushing down below as a backdrop, it makes for a picture-perfect end to the day. Later, after the stars have come out and dinner plates have been cleared away, some curious travelers gather inside the restaurant for an awe-inspiring magic show. The lodge’s nighttime security guard, Chris, has a knack for card tricks, and it certainly shows. Our advice? Allow yourself to get lost in the fascinating magic of the card show at least once during your escape at Gaia.

Gaia Is A Private by Nature Escape

Photo Credit: Gaia Riverlodge


Whether you stay for three nights or five, be sure to allow yourself to truly bask in the relaxing atmosphere of this enchanting nature escape. Remote, private, and sustainable by design, Gaia promises a retreat unlike any other. Enjoy a stay filled with adventure, discovery, and reconnection.

Photos by Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle unless captioned otherwise.

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