Refreshing Pine Forests or Sparkling Seas? With Gaia and Matachica, You Don’t Have to Choose

by Larry Waight

The Power of Choice

According to Oxford Reference, the often-used citation “spice is the variety of life” has been around longer than most of us believe. The rudimentary version of this quote – “A change is always nice”—is credited to the Greek dramatist Euripides (c.485 BC), before being pirated by dramatist Aphra Behn around 1681. And both were likely the inspiration for the dude who finally got credit for the full-blown quote “Variety’s the very spice of life. That gives it all its flavor”. Prolific English poet William Cowper first published this often-quoted phrase in 1785. But why does the quote have such longevity? It’s likely because humans bore easily, and we love our options!

How do you feel about being given a variety of choices? If you’re like most people, behavioral psychologist Susan Weinschenk says that choices offer a pleasurable rush of control that triggers feelings of power. In fact, humans often pick the most complicated choice if it reinforces their desires.

Think that sounds crazy? Then, you’ll be astonished to learn that not only do choices empower our actions, but they help us survive as a species, according to scientists.

Who knew?

Travel Choices You Make Can Be Equally Powerful

mountain pine ridge road
Coral reefs can recover without human intervention, but more slowly. Amid warming seas, they may need all the help they can get (Credit: Fragments of Hope)

Not only do most avid travelers feel more rewarded when they’re offered choices, but if the destination they ultimately choose delivers additional choices, they feel like they’re getting the deal of a lifetime. And that’s a conclusion you’ll likely reach if your 2023 objective is a holiday in Belize. It’s especially true if you decide to choose between these two resorts whose accomodations and amenities might just leave you feeling like a celebrity. Keep reading to see which one resonates with you.

Choose Gaia River Lodge

This multi-award-winning property transports guests to paradise within the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. It was was built atop the Five Sisters Waterfalls, where the view is sublime and soothing sounds of water cascading over cliffs promise you both blissful sleep and adventures the Greek Goddess of Earth would approve of.

Gaia is an hour’s ride from San Ignacio Town. And the two environments between the town and the forest reserve couldn’t be more diverse. Immerse yourself in San Ignacio’s fun vibe long enough to satisfy your inner party animal. Then, you can return to your digs and consort with birds, butterflies, flora, and more at a property known for its innovative sustainability practices.

Chill in the quiet. Explore nature trails by foot or complimentary bikes. Take part in curated tours, and swim in natural ponds. See how it feels to dwell in Eden!

Choose Matachica Resort and Spa

This adults-only, oceanfront sanctuary consists of just 32 charming casitas and villas, offering guests both the authenticity of thatched roof accommodations and access to the nation’s fantastic aquatic sporting scene. Treat yourselves to everything travelers seek at a world-class Caribbean destination, including diving and fishing, jungle exploration, on-site spa services and unparalleled personal service.

Located on Ambergris Caye, Matachica is near enough to San Pedro Town to offer access to shops, boutiques, galleries, eateries, and pubs. Here, guests enjoy private accommodations and tours offering plenty of variety. Take advantage of their fitness center, golf cart rentals, award-winning restaurant, and complimentary kayaks and paddle boards.

If intimacy tops your list of vacation desires, find it with no distractions at this adults-only boutique resort.

Can’t Decide Because Both Sound Like Heaven?

You don’t have to! Gaia and Matachica are sister resorts, and they never get jealous of one another because each is so unique. For 2023, avail yourself of a fabulous all-inclusive package that’s been lovingly curated by staff at both resorts. Enjoy seven full days of time in paradise.

First, you’ll be picked up at Belize’s international airport and whisked to Gaia for three days of mountain and jungle adventures. That includes visits to legendary Maya sites, a canoe trip to Barton Creek Cave, zip-lining, cooling dips at Rio On Pools and more.

Then, spend four days at Matachica where access to the Belize Barrier Reef will delight you. If you love to snorkel, you’ll be taken to sites offering the ultimate in underwater splendor. Take advantage of complimentary kayaks, paddle boards, bicycles, and snorkel gear. The perfect ending? A one-hour aromatherapy massage at Jade Spa!


Relax on your private veranda. Image via Instagram @nakiesa_ of Matachica Resort

Impressed by the magnitude of this two-destination package? You’re not alone. This is a brand-new deal and word is spreading quickly. Given the small size of each resort, you’ll want to have two dates in mind when you contact Gaia staffers so you’re not disappointed if the first date you choose is booked. Who said you can’t have it all? This is one choice that’s so easy to make, you won’t think twice, eager traveler!

Featured Photo courtesy Gaia Riverlodge 

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