Gaia Riverlodge Named One of the Most Romantic Hotels in Central America by TripAdvisor 

by Gisselle Hernandez

Mountain Pine Ridge’s very own Gaia Riverlodge has earned the title of one of the most romantic hotels in Central America. TripAdvisor’s annual Traveler’s Choice Awards recently unveiled 2022’s winners, and among them were many Belizean properties, including jungle escape Gaia Riverlodge. The recognition is of high regard as TripAdvisor is perhaps the leading resource in the travel industry and has dedicated readers and reviewers from all over the world. Being lauded as a favorite definitely places Gaia as one of the top places to stay when in Belize. Here’s why we think Gaia is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. 

Privacy & Seclusion 

There’s no better place to get away from it all than being whisked away to the deep jungles of Belize. Gaia Riverlodge sits comfortably inside the Mountain Pine Ridge reserve, shrouded by copious amounts of greenery. You and your soulmate can enjoy all this time to yourselves without fear of being interrupted or distracted. The lodge may not be exclusively adults-only, but only guests 10 years and older are welcome. This is an added benefit if you are a couple who prefers toddler-free vacations. Gaia’s jungle location also makes for a great mini-road trip from San Ignacio Town, about an hour away. You’ll drive through stock-still pine trees and more than likely have a front-row seat to wildlife like Roadside hawks, coatimundis, and even deer. 

Lodgings fit for smitten couples 

Gaia’s rooms offer stunning nature views, no matter which one you choose. For the star-struck lovers, we suggest waterfall view rooms that have panoramic vistas of the Five Sisters Waterfall at the bottom of the cliff. The gushing falls serve as a natural alarm clock in the mornings and can also lull you to sleep in the nighttime.

GAIA DRINKS tropical patio


All rooms are decked out with the most decadent bedding and have canopied beds that scream romance. Each suite has a robe for you and your other half if you wish to just lounge all morning admiring the mountainous views. 

Romantic landscapes 

Perhaps what makes Gaia the most romantic is its unique location and gorgeous grounds. The hotel itself exists in harmony with the rainforest surrounding it. There are pothos, bromeliads, and monsteras covering the looming trees.

When venturing to the small man-made “island” at the bottom of the cliff, the entire area opens up into one striking landscape. You and your significant other can splash around in the Five Sisters Falls or simply take a nap in one of the hammocks. Once you’re ready, you can finish off your perfect day with a well-deserved couple’s massage at the on-site spa.

All images not captioned courtesy Gaia Riverlodge. Header image via Instagram @RachelOffDuty

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