Getting the Yes: Belize Redefines Romance

by Carolee Chanona

These days, engagements and elopements are becoming more of an experience than an exact tale of old traditions. The mere definition of elopement — an act of running off to marry — evokes images of romance and adventure. Meanwhile, choosing an intimate and unique location in Belize to propose can elevate your ‘yes’ to memorable, meaningful, and epic. Take your next big step towards wedded bliss in stride while in Belize for a spontaneous, yet special day – whether it’s for your elopement or proposal.

To Have, To Hold, and To Hike

tiger fern elope belize confetti

An elopement atop Tiger Fern. Photo courtesy Confetti Grand Belize

Love adventure? How about trekking to the summit of the Tiger Fern trail in a jaguar preserve before enjoying its double waterfall? What about a private ceremony against Baldy Beacon’s stark contrast of foliage compared to the rest of the Mountain Pine Ridge area? While not for the faint of heart, a mountain elopement or engagement guarantees the view at the top is always worth the climb. Plus, talk about a picture-perfect opp!

Sacred Love on the steps of an ancient Maya Temple

© Leonardo Melendez Photography

Paying tribute to the regal rituals of the once thriving Maya civilization, stand in the footsteps of Mayan Royals at any one of Belize’s Maya sites. With Belize’s ancient Maya temples tucked away in the rainforest, each enchanting location is an adventure in itself, and one of the only places in the world with this option. Regardless of which ‘yes’ you’re hoping for, it’s intimate, reverent, and much like the 2,000 years of history behind you – epic.

Sand, Salt, Sea, and No Shoes on a Sandbar

Sargaent’s Caye. © CCL

A sandbar elopement is the ultimate definition of intimate and blissful tranquility. Belize’s natural sandbars are hidden gems often found near cayes or in the middle of the aqua Caribbean sea, which means privacy also comes effortlessly. Recite your vows while being gently caressed by sand, salt, and sea at this uncomplicated ‘venue’.

An Off-the-Grid Love Affair by Air

Arrive by air. Photo © Ka’ana Resort

Quite literally for a party of two, a helicopter proposal is more than an exhilarating experience and unforgettable memory: it’s the foundation for a thrilling future together. Marvel at Belize’s unbounded beauty with two options – popping the question mid-air above marvels like the Thousand Foot Falls or the Great Blue Hole, or take in lush aerial views to prelude your ‘forever ever after’ elopement. Your non-traditional chariot awaits.

Belize’s naturally uncrowded destinations make for great intimate moments – effortlessly. Besides a relaxed ambiance, these private locations allow even more fun to share the happy news together as a couple. The best news? Once you hear yes, you’ll want to bask in the glow of being engaged or eloped before having to run off to ‘real life’. Choosing to say yes in Belize puts you in arm’s reach of the best of both worlds: jungles and private islands, wildlife and nature, adventure and relaxation. So here’s to breaking tradition, and creating new ones in Belize.

Written by Carolee Chanona for the 2020 Belize Gold Book.
 Article found on page 36 of the 2020 Belize Gold Book.

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