Go Green With a Regenerative Stay at This Belize Eco-Resort

by Khaila Gentle

Set just south of the beautiful village of Hopkins, Hamanasi Resort is a testament to sustainabilityreal sustainability, that isat work. In a world where buzzwords and greenwashing can easily detract from genuine, impactful eco-initiatives, this Belize resort actually walks the eco-travel walk. That’s partly because Hamanasi takes its sustainable initiatives one step further. A founding member of Regenerative Travel, Hamanasi champions the belief that simply preserving the environment is no longer enough—that instead, we should strive to leave it better than we found it. This Earth Month, and long after, too, you can rest easy knowing that any stay at Hamanasi Resort in Belize is always an eco-friendly one.

Reduce, Reuse, Regenerative Travel

From crafting furniture and signage right onsite with sustainably harvested wood to making an actual difference in the community (like empowering local women to become scuba diving pros), Hamanasi’s dedication to community and environment runs deep. In fact, the Belize eco-resort even gives its guests the chance to get in on the regenerative travel action. Their all-inclusive Regenerative package, for example, takes visitors from reef to rainforest. In the process, it allows them to get hands-on with the preservation of Belize’s natural resources. Supporting local (and indigenous) cultural enterprises, hunting the invasive lionfish, and traversing some of the country’s most beautiful protected areas are just some of the package’s immersive offerings.

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No matter how one chooses to experience Belize with Hamanasi though, their eco-initiatives do not go unnoticed. In fact, it would be pretty difficult not to notice. The entire resort was designed with sustainability in mind. Think earth-friendly soaps and supplies, energy-saving appliances, and little to no plastic use on site.

An Eco-Resort Fit for the Adventurer

Photo courtesy of property

A Green Leader in more ways than one, Hamanasi is also a leader in adventure. The award-winning adventure and dive resort sits surrounded by Belize’s natural beauty – from its blue waters to the rolling Maya Mountains.

Designed and built to be sustainable from the ground up, Hamanasi is a resort within nature, not a resort that removed nature.

Those as passionate about exploration as they are about conservation delight in the diverse opportunities Hamanasi provides them when it comes to experiencing Belize (a country that’s a leader in conservation in its own right). For thrill-seekers, their Extreme Adventure Package covers everything. That includes trips deep underground and high above the forest canopy, too. And for adventures that are just a bit more laidback, the Reef and Rainforest Package delivers big. Hiking through the world’s first jaguar preserve, watching scarlet macaws in their natural habitat, and wildlife spotting while canoeing downriver. What more could one ask for?

Featured Photo by Leonardo Melendez Photography

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