Green Light Paper: #ditchingplastic throughout the Caribbean

by Tanya McNab
Caribbean paper straws

A straw might seem like a trivial place to start but …

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time. Restaurants, venues, and establishments worldwide are working to combat plastic pollution and one of the first, easiest ways to do so is by eliminating plastic straws. Plastic straw consumption is staggering, and although straws amount to a small fraction of ocean plastic, they are one of the most dangerous plastic polluters. Their small size means they entangle marine animals and are easily consumed by fish and other marine life.

In addition to the existing plastic problem, there remains much confusion on the use of PLA Plastics or otherwise referred to as bio-plastics – read the following article on The 4 Truths about PLA Straws and why this is not a viable option. In the Caribbean specifically, PLA or plant-based straws are not a true eco-option due to that fact, that there are no commercial composting facilities throughout the Caribbean which means these straws act EXACTLY like regular plastic in our oceans, rivers, and lakes.

Green Light Mission 

A little over a year ago, a company called Green Light Paper set out to provide alternative solutions to single-use plastic throughout Central America and the Caribbean. They started one sip at a time, in partnership and collaboration with the world’s leading straw company, Aardvark Paper Straws. The mission is to provide accessibility of the highest quality alternative sources by manufacturing and distributing biodegradable hospitality and packaging products for the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico.

Paper straws are becoming more and more popular as the trend toward sustainability grows, and plastic straws have become the target of increasing government regulations. If your business is considering a switch from plastic straws to a more environmentally friendly option, paper straws could be the right solution for you. Paper straws, remain the best option for foodservice and venues, because they are an environmentally safe and single-use option. However not all paper straws are made equally.

Not all paper straws are made equally.

Green Light paper is committed to the highest standard of paper straws available on the market. They’re willing to prove it, you can request samples from them anytime and you’ll see just how long they last.  They are 100% Marine Degradable, 6x stronger than any other paper straw on the market, it doesn’t change the taste of your drink, they stay sturdy for up to 3 hours, and also allow for custom branding.  See the new Belize straw design in the promotion of making the switch to #plasticfreereefs.

Contact Green Light Paper to see how you can access 100% marine-degradable paper straws in your area.  If you are located in Belize or the Caribbean and Central America, Green Light has expanded partnerships to create easier access, see the complete list below.

Belize – MADISCO

Carlo Marin
[email protected]

Cayman Islands – ISLAND SUPPLY

Dermot Troy
[email protected]

Costa Rica – IOCA GROUP

Ana Carrasco
[email protected]


Brian Battah
[email protected]

Roatan, Honduras – ROATAN PROVISIONS

Russ Summerell
[email protected]

Dominican Republic – IOCA GROUP

Ana Carrasco
[email protected]


Adrian Perez
[email protected]

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