Multigenerational Travels: Here’s How Belize’s Hamanasi Resort Is Serving Up Fun Experiences for All Ages

by Larry Waight
Nestled between beach and coastal forest on the shores of Belize’s Hopkins village, Hamanasi resort offers adventures fit for every multigenerational family trip. 

After an especially harsh winter season in North America, coming on the heels of the last COVID travel restrictions being dropped, the forecast for the remainder of 2023 has never looked rosier, according to analysts for Travel Market Report. Among the trends that are set to take off even more for the remainder of the year is one that’s opened a whole new niche for the travel industry: intergenerational travel. 

Travel agent Kristi Emo told editors that her “requests for multigenerational travel resumed about a year ago”. She also noted that she loves to discuss the best options available to potential clients by showing videos and asking, “Wouldn’t you like to picture your family here altogether?”

What’s prompting this trend? Nostalgia, for one. And more disposable income, too. But the biggest driver has to do with people having been away from extended family. Many travelers have developed a keen appreciation for what it means to vacation as a group. Where are families going? Central America. It takes less time to fly to Belize, for example, than it does to get from Chicago to California theme parks. And nothing’s more important than saving time when every moment of a getaway counts.

Is Your Family Considering a Multigenerational Trip?

To be honest, all configurations of family members are getting together to plan getaways. In addition to traditional family units favoring Belize as their destination, grandparent/grandchild trips are gaining in popularity. As are extended family getaways where splitting the costs for trips and all-inclusive packages are making group travel easier. 

For example, Belize’s Hamanasi Resort has proven to be a multigen vacation bonanza for important occasions that provide solid excuses for a getaway. Landmark birthdays, anniversaries, graduations—even job promotions—are prompting families to agree that the time has never been better. And since Hamanasi appeals to every generation, you couldn’t choose a more fitting place to vacation. 

There’s Something for Everyone

Not only does this resort offer guests access to the Caribbean Sea, but beaches are pristine and vistas are breathtaking. That’s because they also include the Maya Mountains. Onsite dining is fabulous (yes, even the kids clean their plates!), and while your group can choose between beachfront rooms and suites, deluxe tree houses delight adults just as much as the youngsters.

What sets Hamanasi apart from other Belize resorts? Proximity to the nation’s most desirable natural resources and adventure choices that have no equal. While you can design a sojourn offering access to both aquatic and jungle experiences, you don’t have to make that choice. Choose the flexibility and savings that come with Hamanasi’s Reef & Rainforest option, and you’ll experience the variety of sites you came for.

For Families Eager To Explore Belize Wildlife, Hamanasi Is Eden Redux 

Belize is a birdwatcher's paradise
Photo by Hamanasi
Photo courtesy of Hamanasi

Belize is home to at least 145 species of mammals that make their homes in 70 forests. And to say that the nation is a birdwatcher’s paradise would be an understatement. Around 590 bird species either make the nation their homes or pass through for when migrating. But what thrills all generations most are inland adventures that are so diverse and exciting, you wouldn’t be the first family party to have difficulty picking just one of these options

Don’t miss checking out the roster of resort guides. Their navigational skills and Belize wildlife knowledge offers every family member the utmost courtesy, reassurance, and safety. 

What Turns An Ordinary Multigen Experience Into An Extraordinary One?

Frequent guests cite unrivaled service, gorgeous landscaping, and exotic accommodations as stand-out amenities. Though, it’s the sunsets and sunrises viewed from the lodge that make this resort one of a kind.

Further, eco-friendly operations make Hamanasi the rare exception: A resort that doesn’t just use the environment as a sales tool but practices all manner of sustainability while still offering a luxurious experience. Where will your extended family go this year? If it’s Hamanasi Resort, expect family members to thank you for discovering this magical place and for treasured memories not soon forgotten.

Book your next multgen trip to Belize with Hamanasi here.

All photos courtesy of Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort unless captioned otherwise. 

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