Lovers Of The Leaf, Havana Cigars On Ambergris Caye Offers Authentic Cuban Cigars

by Dion Vansen

Cigar aficionados visiting San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye in Belize can enjoy premium tobacco at Havana Cigars, considered by many as the only cigar lounge in the country. If you are a brother of the leaf and enjoy fine tobacco, your visit to San Pedro will come with the bonus of a comfortable ambiance, imbued with the rich aroma of handmade cigars, a walking humidor with a selection like no other, and welcoming service with a well-stocked bar. Not only is Havana Cigars a place of relaxation for cigar smokers, but its beautiful set-up also makes it an attractive place for non-cigar smokers looking for a comfortable space to relax and socialize without the need to smoke.

The cigar bar is located on Barrier Reef Drive in downtown San Pedro. Havana Cigars’ lounge, especially at night, will get the best of your curiosity as you admire the inside through its glass windows and door. As you enter, cool tobacco-scented air may greet you if there are people smoking inside, otherwise, you can expect other aromas like cedar or wood. Pleasant to the non-smoker. The interior is adequately decorated portraying the tobacco culture with comfortable seating areas around and at the bar.

The bar and cigar collection

There is a feeling of peace, privacy, and a great spot for conversations as well. Proprietor and tobacconist Carlos Utrera, a native of Havana, Cuba, will be on hand to help you in the selection of your cigar. Inside the walk-in humidor, there is a large selection of authentic cigars from Cuba and Nicaragua. From time to time, you can also find tobacco from the Dominican Republic, another great producer of fine cigars. 

Full bar and café

The fully air-conditioned smoking lounge has a well-stocked bar with different local and international alcoholic beverages. From scotch whiskies and bourbons to aged rums and vodkas. There are also local Belizean spirits, beers, and non-alcoholic beverages as well, like sodas and water. Smoke eater units keep the ambiance smoke-free and flat-screen TVs offer you the opportunity to watch your favorite show or sports team. You also have access to Wi-Fi if you need to stay connected.  

Images via Dion Vansen

There is also an espresso machine, and yes, you can pair your cigar with some amazing coffee. Additionally, you can order coffee-flavored drinks such as ‘Carajillo’ or simply just enjoy an espresso alone. 

For the non-cigar smoker

Even if you are not into cigars, you are still welcome at Havana Cigars. If you are accompanying someone who smokes cigars, you sit on the bar and enjoy a conversation with Carlos, and sip on your favorite drink or coffee. If the smoke starts to bother you, there is an additional space with a couch and flat-screen away from the bar area.

Images via Dion Vansen

It’s quieter, smoke barely reaches this area, and it is a good spot to hang out and enjoy some quality time in a different place without the need to smoke. Food is not sold at Havana Cigars, but you are welcome to bring your own with you. Some restaurants from downtown will even deliver your order to the cigar lounge.

If you’re a cigar smoker, then Havana Cigars needs to be part of your trip when in San Pedro, Belize. I am a brother of the leaf myself and every time I walk in there, it’s a unique moment. The fine moments in your life never get old and so thus fine tobacco.

Havana Cigars opens from 11 am until midnight Wednesday to Saturday. If you happen to be in town on the days it’s closed, no need to worry. Call or WhatsApp at number +501-632-2538 or get in touch through their Facebook page. Carlos is always willing to meet you at the cigar lounge, if he’s not busy, and help you with the cigars you need.

Header image, and all others unless stated otherwise, courtesy Havana Cigars/TripAdvisor. 

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