Having the Perfect Honeymoon in Placencia at Chabil Mar Villas

by Megan Rodden

Tying the Knot is a perfect excuse to plan the ultimate getaway! Check a few items off your travel bucket list and begin a new chapter in your lives together with an excellent adventure and quality couple-time. After all the expense and anxiety a wedding can create, planning the perfect honeymoon may seem like just another overwhelming task, but don’t disregard or neglect this important milestone experience. A wedding is typically a very public celebration of your union with loads of family and friends, but a honeymoon is a much more intimate commemoration of your nuptials. It is a time to reflect with just one another upon the big day as well as the future you’ll share, a time to relax and recharge and revel in the excitement of early matrimony.

The happiness of a honeymoon hints at the joys you’ll share over your lifetime of marriage. It’s setting this new journey off on the right foot. But underwhelming accommodations, lackluster service, mediocre meals or entertainment can all certainly tarnish a happy honeymoon. Make the easy choice and have the perfect getaway at Chabil Mar Villas in Placencia.

The Best of Two Worlds

The perfect marriage is all about compromise and so is the ideal destination for your honeymoon. Chabil Mar is where nature meets luxury. A private boutique-style oceanfront resort that caters to only a handful of guests at any one time, it feels supremely exclusive and secluded yet is easy to reach and within a short distance from wonderful excursions, shopping, and nightlife.

Situated on a swathe of golden sand between the Maya Mountain Range and the Belize Barrier Reef, the 16-mile long Placencia Peninsula is the optimal union of land and sea. The look and feel of an island with the convenience and access to inland adventure of the mainland. Chabil Mar is itself the perfect middle ground of all-inclusive and full-service resort or do-it-yourself exploration and village-life-vibes. A stone’s throw from the lively beach bars and colorful gift shops of Placencia, guests can explore the sandy lanes of town or retreat to their private sanctuary and ultimate privacy of their villa within Chabil Mar’s guest-only property.

Exceptional Service for the Perfect Honeymoon


You want to be spoiled on your honeymoon and Chabil Mar treats each guest like royalty. Warm, personal attention is a hallmark of the service guests receive. Allow the staff at Chabil Mar to make your vacation extra special and one hundred precent hassle-free. From airport transfers to planning incredible excursions, they’ll handle it all. Whether your dream retreat involves couples massages and candle-lit dinners on the beach, or exploring ancient ruins and diving the world’s second longest coral reef- Chabil Mar’s staff will make it happen.

True Romance

Life gets busy and the whirlwind planning and execution of a wedding can have you run ragged. Your honeymoon is an opportunity for you and your partner to slow down, breathe, and relax. Is there anything more romantic than letting go of your troubles and cares and grabbing hold of your new spouse in a space free from your daily demands and usual obligations?

Chabil Mar is a magical sort of place that can be virtually untouched by the outside world. Here on your honeymoon, it is easy to give yourself permission to unplug from the rest of the world and concentrate on what’s really important- your partner… and whether you’ll take your pina coladas poolside or perhaps on the dock. Recharge your batteries and ignite new passion. Strengthen your bond through discovery and sharing new experiences. Learn about a new culture or cuisine together, try spearfishing or cave kayaking, make new friends and memories with one another on the perfect Placencia honeymoon at Chabil Mar.

Featured Photo: A newlywed couple proudly displays their rings at Chabil Mar‘s garden. Image via @madsss_fiore. All photos courtesy of property. 

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