How This Hopkins Hotel Extends Its Focus on Wellness To Its Belize Staff

by Gisselle Hernandez

When it comes to one’s health, no matter is too trivial to check on. We live in an era where mental and physical health are heralded as pillars in self-care. In an ideal world, countless resources would be available to make sure everything is up to par in our bodies. While that may not be the case, there still are avenues for those looking for answers to very valid health questions. Trying to fill this gap are companies whose vested interest in their employees is beyond just a nice salary. For some, their staff’s health and wellness mean everything. Such a hotel is Southern Belize’s Hamanasi Dive & Adventure Resort in Hopkins. 

Hamanasi’s Wellness Program 

Cheers from the staff of Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort.

The Hopkins resort was one of the first hotels in Belize to roll out a wellness program. In 2016, the program was signed off by the International Labor Organization, National Aids Commission, and the Belize Labour Department. Since then, employees at Hamanasi have been able to reap the benefits of a much-needed initiative in Belize’s tourism industry. According to Hamanasi, the catalyst for creating such a program was set forth by a staff member’s unfortunate passing in 2015, which was related to health concerns.

“We wanted to improve the overall well-being of our employees by creating a health-conscious work environment and providing practical and accessible programs.”

– Kirsty Roberts, General Manager 

Talking openly about health issues in the workplace may have been seen as taboo not many years ago. But with programs like these, transparency and trust could save a life. From the moment the resort opened its doors in 2000, it has worked to mold happy, proud, and skilled employees. “Add healthy to the list!” their blog reads. 

When it first started, the wellness program included free HIV testing, screening, and educational sessions. Later, it incorporated holistic approaches and educational segments on breast cancer, diabetes, and general health knowledge. The resort went as far as adding health and exercise boot camps, all in the hopes of keeping their staff happy and healthy. Now, the initiative has ballooned into covering mental health topics, as well as mindfulness and meditation added to the roster. 

A Champion For Sustainability

The Green Team at Hamanasi.

Hamanasi’s ideology of having their staff’s well-being at its best doesn’t stop there. The award-winning adventure resort is also known for championing wellness beyond its walls: the environment. Green-globe certified, Hamanasi is also on the board of Regenerative Travel and was a founding member of the Regenerative Resorts – a collection of independent eco-luxury resorts dedicated to making a positive impact.

But the awards and distinctions are not mere embellishments for this Hopkins hotel that’s focused on wellness. The resort also walks the walk, having a designated Green Team and hosting a sturdy reduce, reuse and recycle program. The hotel even goes a step further, implementing social responsibility where possible. Whether through their internship programs, World Pediatric Project, or urging donations to The Nature Conservancy as part of their reservation process.


Hamanasi may be a premier dive and adventure resort, but its ethos spans leagues ahead of what first meets the eye. There’s a whole world within its staff and executives that are working on achieving a regenerative Belize, and perhaps, eventually the world. 

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