How This One Resort Group Gives Back To The Belize Community

by Carolee Chanona

A commitment to the community. As the philanthropic arm of Muy’Ono Resorts, the “Commitment to Community” program goes further with every booking by each guest, for every night. Indeed, you can rest easy knowing your Belize vacation also means traveling better. For every reservation, Muy’Ono commits to a night-for-night contribution, plus a no-obligation opportunity to match or even double what they’ve already given on your behalf, with totals surpassing BZ$102,000 in 2021 alone.

Committed To Community

Naturally, community issues vary from market to market, and our staff will have causes that are close to their heart.  Our strategic partnerships as a business are activated by using the lens of what’s needed locally to identify what issues are the greatest, allowing each resort to choose a charity of the month. By offering such a flexible approach,  the nine total resorts across five areas of focus are able to empower their local communities on the most pressing needs in the area, delivering impact at scale.

To put things into perspective, Muy’Ono’s largest single donation was BZ$5,359.50 made by The Placencia Resort to Sr. Cecilia’s Home for the Elderly. It’s one of their long-standing relationships, along with the Cayo Deaf Education & Farm Institute, and the numerous children’s homes they work with; Marla’s House of Hope, The King’s Children’s Home, Liberty Children’s Home, Dorothy Menzies Children’s Home, and Laugh Out Loud Children’s Home are just a few.


Muy’Ono Resorts also proudly support Pack for A Purpose, inviting guests to pack extra items in their suitcase to donate directly to students in need. Learn more by visiting Pack for A Purpose.

Travel Better in Belize, With Muy’Ono Resorts

When travel is focused on forging new connections, it makes sense to travel with a sense of community in mind. Essentially, the best places to stay are smaller, locally owned, or community-based. Properties that form a vital part of a local ecosystem tend to also operate more thoughtfully when it comes to the environment too. Directly giving back to the communities it operates in, here’s to traveling better in 2023 and beyond with Muy’Ono Resorts.

All images via Muy’Ono Resorts.

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