A Crash Course On How To Avoid Crowds In Belize: Visit During Low Season

by McNab Editorial Team

If you were to ask me, when is the best time to visit Belize? I would tell you absolutely any time of the year! All year round the weather is pretty much the same – sunny, humid, hot, and some rain here and there (depending on the season). What this means is that you can visit the beach whenever you choose or if you prefer hiking and being near the jungle, then you can spend time at a jungle resort of your choice, and whenever you choose. The possibilities at any time of the year are endless. However, with all the things you can experience, we know that there are people who aren’t big fans of crowded places. Lucky for you Belize has a low season in which there aren’t many visitors so resorts, restaurants, and beaches are less crowded so you can definitely avoid crowds and enjoy some alone time if that’s what you like. 

When Is Belize’s Low Season?

The Split in Caye Caulker. Image via Belize Tourism Board

The low season in Belize runs from mid-May to mid-November, this is also known as Belize’s “rainy season”. Even though it sounds like it would be a lot of rain, it’s mostly light showers once in a while for the first couple of months, and I guarantee this will not spoil your fun. The good part about it being the low season and the rainy season are that it’s not as hot anymore, especially from September to November so you will have fantastic weather to enjoy. 

Another great thing about the low season is that all resorts, hotels, and tour companies offer discounts on their room and tour prices – why not come and take advantage of this deal? Whether visiting the Maya Ruins, beaches, mountains, or whatever activity you choose to do; you won’t find many crowds. It will just be you and nature, offering you a peaceful place to relax and read a book, or this might be the perfect time to reflect and meditate and focus on yourself.  

Sip cocktails (or buckets of beer) from Palapa Bar & Grill’s overwater deck or innertubes.

As well, due to the lack of tourists, you have more one-on-one time with the locals. You can visit local restaurants and bars for karaoke or to hear a band play, you can even go to the local shops and interact with people from many different cultural backgrounds and learn much about their diverse cultures. The low season is a great time for you to avoid crowds, get great deals, and experience Belize from a totally different perspective.  

Written by Reyann Garcia

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