How to Have an Affordable Caribbean Vacation this Summer

by Megan Rodden
blackbird caye overlooking Belize Barrier Reef

Sun, sand, and sea.  The beach is where you want to be!  Soaking up the rays and sipping fruity frozen cocktails is the order of the day.  You deserve a great getaway this summer.  And it isn’t too late to make your beach holiday dreams come true.  With off-season and last-minute deals, a luxury vacay to the Caribbean may be far more affordable than you think.  Here’s how to have the ultimate beach vacation in Belize on a modest budget right now.

Embrace Off-Season Travel


Summer may not seem the most appealing time to travel to the Caribbean.  With warm weather across most of the US and Canada, flying south to even sunnier shores isn’t as exciting now as it is during the cold and dreary wintertime, but visiting the Caribbean during the slow season has major benefits.  The main perk of off-season travel is the significant savings to be found.  Look for deep discounts on airfare, accommodations, and even cruises outside of peak season.  

Consider Alternative Accommodations

Belize’s many boutique hotels and resorts offer 15-40% discounts through our sleepy summer.  Consider alternative accommodations as well, such as guesthouses, B & B’s, or vacation home rentals.  Smaller properties, a block or two back from the seaside, can offer great value-for-money and may have kitchens in which to prepare some meals. 

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Fresh seafood, local fruits, and vegetables are a steal and typically come to the market from no further away than a few miles.  Get more bang for your buck by extending your stay; most accommodations give weekly discounts and greatly reduced rates for longer reservations. 

Go Local


Traveling outside of the prime tourist time also allows for a more authentic experience of the destination you choose to visit.  In popular destinations, it can sometimes feel like tourists outnumber the locals, but in the off-season, and particularly in Belize, visitors can really get a feel of local life. 

Unhurried and uncrowded.  Find that fabled R & R the Caribbean was known for before it became so mainstream.  Wander sandy lanes and sample regional food from roadside stands and local eateries for mere pocket change.  Forego the brands you’re familiar with and imbibe in the excellent local spirits for a fraction of the price of the top shelf.    Happy Hour rates average between $2-5 US dollars for local libations.

Bundle Your Tours

Photo by Duarte Dellarole

Save on tours and adventures during the summer by booking multiple activities through one operator.  Belize’s excursions are traditionally very individualized and even during their busiest times, most tours are small-group or private.  Not only is this nice in the aspect of personalized service, but it allows for greater flexibility in both the scheduling of activities and the pricing.  Make the most of your tour guide’s time by requesting multiple activities in one day such as pairing cave tubing with zip lining and a visit to the Belize Zoo.  

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A top-notch Caribbean vacation doesn’t have to break the bank, especially not when you choose Belize for your getaway.  Take advantage of the impressive summertime savings and stretch your holiday budget.  Beat the crowds, travel now!

Featured Photo by Duarte Dellarole

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