Introducing The Belize Gold Book 2021/2022!

by Carolee Chanona
The Belize Gold Book 2021-2022 cover

Introducing our new edition of The Belize Gold Book! As the newest publication from McNab Publishing Ltd., the 90-page 2021/2022 Веlіzе Gоld Вооk debuts with an online launch on Thursday, December 2, 2021, under the Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle portfolio. The Belize Gold Book publication covers a wide range of topics, including destinations, tours and experiences, hotels, food, and beverage, plus more. First launched in Belize in 2020, The Belize Gold Book is a market-leading yearly travel magazine. 

By embracing the growing ethos of slow travel in a destination that supports the preservation of its incredible biodiversity—in both natural and cultural landscape—Belize is here to make your escape all the more enriching. 

At Caribbean Lifestyle, we think wanderlust is a healthy thing. If the digital platform of is the body of our business model, then our portfolio of interactive magazines, available both online and in print, are the heart. We’re proud to represent our country as a destination brimming with immersive and impactful experiences, especially as the industry rebuilds with resilience. We’re really excited to share that in the latest edition of our Belize Gold Book,ѕаys Tanya McNab, Founder and Creative Director of Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle. 

The Belize Gold Book 2021/2022: For the pathfinders. For the discoverers. For the nature lovers. For the epicureans. For the curious. Read now

About The Cover: Barton Creek Archeological Reserve 

Explored only by canoe, meander a mile into the past for geological marvels of Xibalba, the Maya underworld, inside Barton Creek Archeological Reserve.

Venturing off the highway onto the semi-paved road in Georgeville, to the Barton Creek Archeological Reserve is about 45 minutes outside of San Ignacio Town.  Barton Creek Cave is “wet” subterranean spelunking: outfitted with headlamps, life vests, and paddles in the 3-person canoe, head towards the main event: draped mounds of stalactites and stalagmites that have taken millennia to emerge from the limestone-rich Cayo District. Inside, this ceremonial cave is one of the last living witnesses to a rich Maya history. Read more about capturing the cover inside The Belize Gold Book here.

Cover Photography: Full Memory Photography |

Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle: A Brand Of Discovery

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Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle (CCL) is a part of the McNab Visual Portfolio, and the Belize Gold Book 2022 is the latest expansion of the travel brand with its inaugural edition in 2020. Caribbean Lifestyle blends print and digital with multimedia platforms, and The Веlіzе Gоld Вооk mаgаzіnе is now available оnlіnе at Through the Belize Gold Book magazine, website, and social media, Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle inspires thousands of travelers, with sights set on Belize, every day.

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