Introducing the Belizean Cuisine Issue

by McNab Editorial Team

We are proud to introduce the 6th installment of Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle- the Belizean Cuisine Issue.

Our latest issue appropriately named the “Belizean Cuisine Issue”, is now available for your reading pleasure. Available in print and as an E-book, this issue will take you on a culinary adventure.

With a melting pot of cultures, Belizean cuisine is like no other. It reflects the country’s culture and rich history encompassing a blend of Mayan, Indian, Chinese, and many other cultures. Through this issue, we invite you to discover Belize’s authentic cuisine.

What’s Inside

The magazine is an informative guide for visitors to experience the very best in the country. Within this culinary issue, readers can learn about Belize’s authentic cuisine. A restaurant guide, chef highlights and a look at all our food festivals not to be missed are included in this new issue.

You can pick up your copy in all the seat back pockets of Maya’s planes or in affiliated hotel rooms. Moreover, we are spreading our reach by including our magazines in the Go Belizing shuttles. You can also enjoy this pleasant read online as an E-book version

About the Cover

The remarkable cover was shot by the impressive photographer, Leonardo Melendez, during a Bean-to-Bar tour given by Elon Ranguy and Maynard Jacobs, at The Copal Tree Lodge.

With agritourism growing, many resorts around Belize are opening their doors and taking guests on a culinary adventure. As we celebrate the universal love for food and the upcoming celebration of Belize’s Annual Chocolate Festival held in the South, the Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle Team headed to Copal Tree Lodge to shoot the cover of this issue.

Like many other inquisitive travelers, we witnessed, participated and enjoyed traditional chocolate making on their Bean-to-Bar Tour. Learning all the tricks of thetrade handed down from generations to generations, Elon Ranguy and Maynard Jacobs, key players on the farm, shared their invaluable knowledge with us.

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Written by CC+L editorial team
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