At Itz’ana Resort in Placencia, Belize You’ll Never Bored – Here’s Why

by Megan Rodden

Stretching from the sandy beachfront bordering the Caribbean Sea to the placid lagoon framed by the Maya Mountains in the distance, Itz’ana Resort and Residences offers guests plenty of elbow room for privacy and exploration. Visitors appreciate that you can easily enjoy both marine and mainland tours from Placencia. The charming peninsula is the Goldilocks destination, with beautiful beaches and great diving and fishing just offshore, but also a stone’s throw to wild jungle and Maya Temples. Itz’ana Resort is the personification of this ideal balance; situated between the mountains and the coral reef, the property embodies the beautiful blend of earth and ocean, rest and adventure, peace and activity. No matter your preferences for relaxation, Itz’ana makes for a memorable vacation that is “just right.”

Be As Active (Or Not) As You Like

Couples, families, groups of friends — Itz’ana Resort is the perfect refuge for every traveler. Approachable luxury, ultimate service, impeccable dining, various room options, and assorted activities keep everyone happy. Perhaps your ideal getaway includes wholesome meals, holistic massage and yoga on the beach. Or maybe your perfect vacation is one of culinary discovery and carefully crafted cocktails. And maybe you’re just happy if the kids are happy and entertained, giving you a few precious hours of tranquility to yourself. However you envision your bliss, Itz’ana is your paradise.

Mornings move as slowly as you like at Itz’ana. You have no schedule to adhere to (unless you’ve booked an epic excursion like cave tubing or deep sea fishing) and no deadlines to meet. Linger over breakfast and coffee on the veranda of The Great House until the sun is high enough to send you retreating to a chaise lounge under a palm tree. Indulge in doing absolutely nothing… on your time. The most difficult decision you may have to make is whether to have pizza by the pool or fish tacos at a table on the beach.

Itz’ana’s Eclectic Events Calendar Is Fit for Everyone

If activity is what you seek, test your skill with a paddleboard or ocean kayak. Take an onsite yoga class. Or get creative and crafty with a tropical cocktail course led by your favorite bartender. Kids will find structured fun in addition to unrestricted beach play at Itz’ana Resort. Little vacationers are encouraged to make new friends and join the resort staff in sandcastle building, pizza making class, craft creating, competitions and games. Plus, each week on Friday nights the resort’s seafront is transformed into an outdoor movie theater; guests can snag a hammock or pull up giant bean bag chairs at Itz’ana’s Beach Cinema to enjoy a special film screening.

Cherished memories and enduring connections are made at Itz’ana Resort and Residences. Embrace what brings you peace or feeds your soul whether that is to focus on health and wellness with guided meditation, nursing your adventurous spirit with new discovery, strengthening relationships through quality time and shared activity, or simply decompressing by the soothing sea and sunny shores of the Caribbean. You will find ultimate relaxation on your Itz’ana vacation in Placencia, Belize.

Take a look at the resort’s full events calendar here.

All Photos courtesy of Itz’ana Resort & Residences 

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