Conservationists Jamal “Manatee Man” Galves and Dr. Rachel Graham Join the Explorers Club 50

by Khaila Gentle

There are extraordinary humans doing extraordinary things in the world, and that includes Belize’s own Jamal Galves (“the Manatee Man) and Marine Conservation Scientist Dr. Rachel Graham. Both conservationists were recently named as part of the 2023’Explorers Club 50.  The list features fifty individuals that are going above and beyond in changing the world.

Galveswho has been doing conservation work since since the age of 11 has been working to protect Belize’s endangered Antillean manatees. Meanwhile, Dr. Graham, who has been in love with the sea for as long as she can remember, is the founder of the international NGO Mar Alliance which has an office in San Pedro.

About the Explorer’s Club

The Explorers Club is a multidisciplinary, professional society dedicated to the advancement of field research, scientific exploration and resource conservation.  The club’s main goal is to amplify the voices of scientists, educators and conservationists so that the world of science is more diverse and inclusive.

Every year, the Explorer’s Club highlights fifty individuals that are making a change in the world. According to the EC, “naming these global exploration leaders to the EC50 shines a bright light on their extraordinary work, amplifies their voices, and redefines that field of exploration as we know it.”

This year’s cohort is the third ever Explorer’s Club 50. Those featured hail from 23 countries and work across every field of exploration.

“We cannot wait to share their stories, attend their lectures, and feature them in our flagship programs throughout the year. But, mostly, we cannot wait to see how they will lead the Club, and the world, in the field of exploration,” said the Explorer’s Club.

Both Dr. Graham and Galves have been recipients of Oceana Belize’s Ocean Hero Awards for their phenomenal work in marine conservation.

Images in Featured Photo by OCEANA Belize and Mar Alliance

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