Let Vista Real Estate Help You Get Retired and Rewired by Making the Move to Belize

by Larry Waight

You’ve talked about it endlessly. It’s become such a pervasive wish, your friends and family have grown weary listening to the research you’ve undertaken related to retiring in Belize—-yet you haven’t made the final move. We understand why you’re waiting. You’ve got loose ends to tie up back home.

Perhaps you have a home to sell and cheered this week’s news that interest rates on U.S. mortgages have finally begun to drop. After all, that would mean that finally putting your place on the market could give you the fast sale you desire. Maybe you need to do more research. Regardless, your hesitation can’t possibly be beccause you found all the retirement benefits this small nation delivers too meagre! There’s a brand-new year on the horizon, and if you’re wise, 2024 will be the year you put your plans on a fast track.

How to Tell if You’re Ready to Retire



Financial experts writing for the CNBC business channel’s online newsletter list these six signs:

  1. You can afford to retire because you’ve done a great job of planning over the years.
  2. You’ve established a fund for “unforeseen expenses.”
  3. Your assets are diverse enough to provide a reassuring cushion.
  4. You understand where Social Security payments fit into your future.
  5. You have made sure you’ve secured a solid healthcare plan.
  6. You’ve eliminated the type of bad debt that can come back to haunt you.


Whether you’re ready to pull up stakes and fly south right now, or you’re still working to prepare, though, finding the right home is critical to your game plan. Belize may be a relatively small nation, but there are myriad districts and towns that attract people from all over. 

Placencia, Belize. Photo Credit: Belize Tourism Board
San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Photo by the Belize Tourism Board
Corozal, Belize.

Having the right real estate resource to help you with every step of your journey is as essential as finding the right neighborhood, and only Vista Real Estate offers the reassurance you need to achieve your dream of retiring in Belize. You need more than just someone taking you around to properties on the market. You also need a trusted ally prepared to assist you with essentials that guarantee a smooth transition, like property valuation, research, marketing, consultation, investment analysis, and more. This local realtor is definitely the answer for a smooth transition.

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It’s Not Just About Retirement–It’s About a Lifestyle

A Luxury Hillside Villa for Sale by Vista Real Estate

You’re unique. So are your needs and interests. Finding the right lifestyle is as important as the decision you make to retire in Belize. Toward that end, Vista professionals have simplified the job of helping you find the ideal community. Properties on their website are categorized by lifestyles, from the fast-paced Ambergris Caye to the laidback farmlands of Cayo.  

Once you have an idea of which region offers the best resources, proximity to the ocean, jungle, forest, and/or major towns and villages that define your ideal new home, you can start making final plans based on the communications you establish before you leave home. Launch a relationship with the professional ready to help you handle every aspect of your move—and that process begins right now.

Make Your Move on Living the Retired Life in Belize 

Whether you’re more comfortable calling the Vista office at +501 223-2427, you prefer to communicate via Text/WhatsApp: +501 610-1404, or you want to e-mail the office at [email protected], every effort will be made to match you with the specialist best equipped to help you acquire everything from a beachfront lot to a home that’s move-in ready.

Importantly, your agent won’t waste time showing you properties other than the ones you have in mind. So, get started today. Use your favorite contact method to reach out to the people who are as eager to help you with your plans as you are to retire. Just don’t be surprised if–once the process begins to move–you wonder why you waited so long to get this dream underway!

Photos courtesy of Vista Real Estate unless captioned otherwise.

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