Live Your Retirement Dreams in Belize

by Larry Waight

The best place to retire is one that has great weather, beautiful surroundings, and an affordable cost of living. You’ll find all that and more here. So why not consider retiring in Belize?

Belize Is Life Made Easy

Belize has become a popular destination for expats and retirees. It’s easy to see why.

Warm, sunny weather: In Belize, you’ll find wonderful weather with year-round sunshine and cool breezes. If you’ve had it with shivering through half the year, digging up snow, or spending money on heating bills, you’re ready for the warmth of Belize. That warmth also extends to the Belizean people, who are friendly and welcoming.

The San Ignacio Market in Western Belize. Image via @Amber_CRNA via Instagram.

No language barrier: English is the official language of Belize. That makes it easy to live here and do business here. Buying real estate is simple and straightforward because Belize follows British law for property sales. Americans, Canadians, Australians, and Europeans have all found it easy to buy property in Belize.

Close to the U.S.: If you’re American, Belize is close and convenient. It’s a short flight from most major U.S. cities.

Low cost of living: You can live well for less here, especially if you avoid the more popular tourist-oriented areas.

Consider Retirement in Cayo, Belize

Carmelita Gardens vegetables

Sustainable living at Carmelita Gardens, Cayo.

While many people think of beaches when they think of Belize, many smart retirees have discovered the hidden gem that is the Cayo District. Located in the western part of the country, it is a lush, green landscape dotted with mountains, meandering rivers, cascading waterfalls, cave systems and ancient Maya cities.

Wild Natural Beauty


Photo by Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle

San Ignacio, one of the two main towns in the district, has gained a reputation as Belize’s adventure capital. Visitors have discovered that Cayo is the ideal place to launch nature-focused vacations that take them on incredible journeys through abundant, unspoiled forests.

Nature lovers will feel at home here. Wildlife abounds, and you are likely to see tapirs, ocelots, monkeys, and iguanas. Birders can spot hundreds of colorful species, and every hike ends with a cooling dip in a waterfall or a natural pool.

Amenities for a Comfortable Lifestyle

San Ignacio Market

San Ignacio Market Photo courtesy of ROEming Belize

San Ignacio is a lively town with excellent amenities, including groceries, phone service, banking, mail services, and anything else you might need to live comfortably. It has one of the best farmer’s markets in Belize, where you’ll sample fresh local produce, fresh seafood, and Belizean handcrafts.

Cayo District is home to some of Belize’s most important Maya sites. Walk among these well-preserved temples that were first built centuries ago by the ancient Maya. They were expert engineers, architects, and large-scale farmers, and these archaeological sites, which can still be explored today, hold evidence of their rich history.

Affordable and Laid-Back Living

The Cayo District is the perfect escape for anyone who wants to shed the stress of urban life. With a sparse population, it is a quiet area close to many of the things you want to see and do in Belize.

It’s also more affordable than better-known areas like Placencia or Ambergris Caye. The district houses the verdant Maya Mountains and is crossed by three major rivers, the Mopan, the Macal, and the Belize River. If you crave closeness to nature, you will certainly find it here.

Find Friendship and Community When You Retire in Belize

carmelita gardens

The Cayo District has a small but growing expat population, made up of retirees and others who have chosen to make this beautiful region their home. Belize is a culturally diverse country where everyone feels welcome.

Cayo is also where Belize’s Mennonite community resides. Their manicured, orderly farms dot the countryside and make parts of this region look like the American Midwest. Western Belize is an endlessly interesting region.

Find Your Retirement Home at Carmelita Gardens

If you’re thinking about retiring in Belize, then make a plan to visit Carmelita Gardens. It’s a sustainable, self-sufficient development on the banks of the Belize River. At Carmelita Gardens, residents enjoy a relaxed, inspiring lifestyle surrounded by nature. They tend their gardens, visit local food markets, spend time in nature, and live off the grid. Carmelita Gardens is located in Santa Famila Village in the Cayo District close to San Ignacio Town. To learn more, visit

All images courtesy of Carmelita Gardens unless otherwise stated.

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