Be a Steward of Marine Conservation With These Hamanasi Tips

by Khaila Gentle

On June 8, the world came together to celebrate World Oceans Day, with citizens around the globe sounding the call for greater marine stewardship. In southern Belize, though, one regenerative resort went the extra mile, celebrating the world’s reefs and oceans all month long. Throughout June, Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort has been sharing “tips of the day” – messages written on sea grape leaves about how we can all be better marine stewards. The messages were hidden across the resort property for guests to find them.

Want to get in on the marine conservation action? Here are some tips on how to be an environmental steward, courtesy of Hamanasi.

1. Say No to Single-Use Plastics

In 2022, Belize entered the final phase of its nationwide ban on single-use plastics. It’s a small drop in the bucket of ending the plastic pollution that plagues the world’s oceans, but a step worthy of celebration nonetheless. Do your part in this conservation initiative by switching to biodegradable and environmentally friendly alternatives for things like plastic straws, plastic water bottles, and styrofoam food containers. At Hamanasi, thanks to bartender Mark Jacobs, guests get to enjoy their drinks with specially made bamboo straws.

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2. Show Respect for Marine Animals and Their Environment

Whether it’s by refraining from touching fragile coral or opting for reef-friendly sunscreen, being mindful of how we interact with our marine environment can go a long way in preserving it for future generations to come. When out in the water, be sure to give any animals you might encounter their space.

Forgot your sunscreen? No worries! Hamanasi has a gift shop that’s fully stocked with reef-safe brands.

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3. Go Sustainable With Your Seafood Choices

Many of Belize’s marine animals, like lobster and conch, have open and closed seasons for a reason. As the seasons change, so do the fishing laws and regulations for catching and consuming certain kinds of seafood. Be mindful of the open and closed seasons. To ensure that we can always enjoy these delicacies, don’t consume out-of-season food.

4. Conserve Water and Energy

Even the smallest actions, like switching off the lights when they’re not in use, can make a difference in the conservation of energy. During the hotter months, when A/Cs are on full blast and all the fans are running, the increased demand can put a strain on Belize’s power supply. Likewise, in the high tourist season, strains on the water supply can wreak havoc in the more popular destinations when shortages come about. The environment suffers when these resources are used in excess, so be an environmental steward by being mindful of your consumption.

Other Ways to Champion Marine Conservation With Hamanasi

When it comes to marine and environmental conservation, Hamanasi Resort is in no short supply of admirable eco-initiatives. It comes as no surprise, since preserving paradise – and leaving it better than we found it – lies at the core of the resort’s mission.

“We believe that thoughtful eco-tourism can make a positive impact on the environment and in our community, and preserve our little slice of paradise for the enjoyment and education of future generations.”

Hamanasi offers guests a myriad of ways to join in on their conservation efforts. For example, you can help fight off an invasive species while you explore Belize’s Barrier Reef. The Lionfish Adventure is a fun scuba diving + spearfishing tour where divers get to learn about the fish and its effect on the Caribbean. Combine it with Hamanasi’s Regenerative Belize Package for a full eco-cultural experience.

All photos courtesy of Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort

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