Here’s Why You Should Mark the Start of Your Marriage With A Honeymoon in Belize

by Khaila Gentle

Whether you’re a couple who likes warm sandy beaches and lively atmospheres, intimate escapes and remote paradises, or adventurous romps in the heart of the jungle, a sojourn in Belize might just be one of the best ways to start off your marriage. Nothing says “we’re in this together” quite like exploring new places and experiences with the one you love. And, what’s a better way to begin your lives together than basking in the beauty of a tropical wonderland? 

Here’s why the Central American country of Belize might just be the perfect place for a romantic escape and a choice destination for your honeymoon. 

Romantic Experiences No Matter Your Tastes 

Belize is a rising star in the world of honeymoon destinations. Nestled between reef and rainforest, this small nation with a unique dual identity offers a world of options for the wanderlust-stricken couple, regardless of tastes. Honeymooning here is sure to be magical. 

For the adventurous couple

Photo by Chan Chich Lodge

Head north and get lost in the beauty of the lush Maya Forest at Chan Chich Lodge. Close encounters with nature and historical delights await. Nestled within thousands of acres of healthy wilderness, Chan Chich is the ideal place for the couple that wants to disconnect from the daily grind. 

Highlights: Birdwatching and animal spotting, canoeing across tranquil lakes, and cozy accommodations surrounded by nature. 

For the beach lovers 

Photo courtesy of Hamanasi

One of the beauties of Belize is that it offers the best of both worlds, and going from the jungle to the beach is practically effortless. Take your pick from an array of cayes, private islands, and stretches of beach. Most renowned for its beaches is Placencia in southern Belize, and resorts like Chabil Mar Villas were designed with the perfect honeymoon in mind. On the other hand, get to enjoy the best of both worlds in Hopkins with resorts like Hamanasi

Highlights: Island hopping at the northern cayes, snorkeling, sunset sailing, and exploring coastal communities like Placencia and Hopkins. 

For romance in the lap of luxury 

Overlooking the wilds of PG at Copal Tree Lodge.

After an extra memorable visit in 2022, media personality Passport Heavy dubbed Belize the place where luxury meets adventure. If you and your soulmate are fond of the finer things in life, Belize has no shortage of one of a kind experiences and lush accommodations. Visit the Toledo district for a truly luxurious stay at award winning Copal Tree Lodge

Highlights: rum and chocolate making, immersive nature experiences, special turndown service, honeymoon packages. 

For a dreamy island honeymoon 

Photo by Coco Plum Island Resort

Enjoy an intimate escape on an island in Belize. With options that range from casual and rustic to ultimate luxury, you’re bound to find a stay you love. Enjoy idyllic Coco Plum Island and its gorgeous waters. Or enjoy Ranguana Caye, an island stay fit for embracing your playful side.

Highlights: Offshore adventures, stargazing, romantic dinners

Featured Photo by Ranguana Caye, A Muy’Ono Resort

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