McNab Visual introduces the Caribbean Lifestyle: Belize, GOLD BOOK

by McNab VS

The Caribbean Lifestyle Gold Book debuts this summer as a companion to

Today, the Internet is an integral part of everyday life, a regular routine and at Caribbean Lifestyle: Belize, we see the value in creating an online space for travelers interested in visiting Belize so that they can make informed travel decisions when planning their vacation.  While it’s easy to assume print advertising is no longer valuable, studies show that print simply establishes more emotional and natural contact with the reader. Unlike digital ads, consumers can physically browse through print magazines, turn the pages, feel the paper texture, density, and composition.

Print matters to consumers, there’s no doubt about that.

The Gold Book is an offshoot of the popular print and online resource Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle (CC+L). The publication debuts this summer with a modest goal: Being the leading authority on Belize hotels, tour operators, service providers, restaurants and businesses that serve as the backbone of Belize’s thriving tourism industry.  

The Caribbean Lifestyle Gold Book will feature all manner of Belize tourism-related businesses and topics, from legends in the industry to rising stars. Start-ups will be profiled to increase their visibility and Belize tourism will have a reference they can turn to that promotes businesses big and small. (Find out how you can be featured on our site or social channels)

Our editors have committed to filling The Caribbean Lifestyle Gold Book (and website outlet at with valuable information, advice, tips, recommendations, and suggestions that can turn a so-so vacation into an unforgettable one. Over 90 blogs and stories are published every month on travel and tourism information catering to all audiences and our weekly newsletter delivers the top stories to subscribers every week.

Wondering about circulation or how you can get your hands on one? For those of you who still enjoy leafing through pages of a beautiful book, the  Caribbean Lifestyle Gold Book will be available to guests in hotel rooms throughout Belize, and for the e-reader fans, it also comes in an online version.

Caribbean Lifestyle: Belize is a part of the McNab Visual Portfolio and the Gold Book is the newest expansion of the travel brand.

For more information or advertising opportunities visit us at and find out how your business can achieve gold prominence in 2020. Feel free to call us any time at +501-223-1025.

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