Muy’Ono Resorts: Spotlight on Belize’s Thatch Caye Resort  

by Larry Waight

You’re not alone if the first image that comes to mind when you hear the words “thatched roof” are the movies you watched as a kid depicting South Seas islands where this kind of architecture serves as a unique roofing style. But the Brits would disagree if you tried to make a point of where these structure-toppers originated.

Archaeologists have, over time, unearthed evidence that points to traditional British roots, says historian David Ross who is an authority on this topic. There’s evidence of thatching as long ago as the Bronze Age, and while this roofing material tends to decompose faster than rocks and stones, thatch roofs remained popular over time.

Because thatch is lightweight and doesn’t rely upon one type of vegetation to construct these roofs, raw materials are always on hand. And given community efforts put forth by neighbors, getting enough people to pitch in made one-day thatch roof construction possible.

How did thatch roofs wind up in South Seas films if their origins are attributed to the Brits? Because like two discoverers of the same invention, scientists says it’s only logical to assume that this roofing style would become the choice of people in warm climates thanks to an abundance of raw materials. Further, thatched roofs ensure balanced temperatures in winter and summer and when it comes to wind resistance, they are amazingly efficient at standing up to extremes.

…and what could be more romantic and exotic?

“I’ve never stayed anywhere as romantic as a thatch-roof bungalow,” wrote journalists waxing poetic about them in a comprehensive guide featured in a recent Frommer’s article. Must you travel all the way to the South Seas for this experience? Nope. Your adventure is as close as Belize, and depending upon where you originate in North America, you could stretch out on a comfy bed beneath one of these remarkable roofs in just a few hours, especially now that Belize air service has come back from its COVID slump.

You couldn’t get bored if you tried while sojourning at Belize’s Thatch Caye Resort. Activities available to guests include fishing, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, boat and river tours, and a fabulous array of cultural experiences that include some of the 900 Mayan ruins for which Belize is known. There are only 15 accommodations on the property (8 over-water bungalows and 7 oceanfront cabanas) so the amount of privacy guests enjoy is unprecedented.

Worried about what to expect?

Don’t be. Your all-inclusive, island-style sojourn at Thatch Caye Resort won’t find you missing the finer things in life because resort owners have installed every amenity guests expect from an island sojourn. Thatch Caye Resort’s saltwater pool, private beach, gourmet dining hubs and gathering places known for well-stocked bars and nibbles each add a luxe feel to every aspect of your stay.

Feeling skeptical? Take a peek:

Love what you see? The island is even more beautiful and relaxing in person, so whether you simply want to wind down and de-stress or or your goal is giving your relationship the intimacy boost it needs, this island is your chance to make it happen.

Can’t get the booking time you desire?

When an island retreat offers as many perks and benefits as those found at Thatch Caye Resort, reservations fill fast, no matter the season, so you’ll be delighted to read that if availability at Thatch Caye proves impossible to coordinate with your schedule, you have fabulous options.

Thatch Caye is but one of the properties under the Muy’Ono Resorts umbrella so you can choose from sublime alternative venues available only from the company hosting the largest collection of properties in Belize. Variety? You bet. This family of properties includes beach resorts and private islands, but you can also stay in a jungle lodge that offers an authentic Belize holiday getaway.

Because every Muy’Ono Resort is known for meticulous attention to detail, you need not worry which one offers you the highest quality of service, amenities, tours, and the extras you expect from resorts that are flooded with rave reviews from guests–and once you sleep beneath one of the thatch roofs that lured you to these remarkable resorts in the first place, you’ll understand the meaning of bliss! 

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