No Pool? No Problem. This Belize Jungle Resort Has Its Very Own Waterfall 

by Gisselle Hernandez

Shrouded amongst rolling valleys and pine-tree forests for miles and miles is the luxe Gaia Riverlodge. This gem in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve is an anomaly, as it’s hidden within the jungles yet is highly sought after by both travelers and residents alike. Gaia’s natural bounty knows no bounds, a feature that leaves you wanting for nothing else. With unrivaled sunset views and the jungle at your doorstep, Gaia Riverlodge’s stunning Five Sisters Waterfall is the icing on the cake.

The Best Pools are Created by Nature

Gaia’s motto sings, “private by nature” and when stepping onto the grounds, you’ll know they meant it. Easily accessible by the newly-paved Chiquibul Road, the resort is only an hour away from San Ignacio Town. Its grounds are sprawling with greenery and offer an intimate ambiance you’d rarely find at a resort of its caliber. The natural environment extends to its arguably best feature tucked at the bottom of the hill-top resort. The Five Sisters Falls is a guest-favorite, conveniently accessed by cable car. Upon learning the waterfall has a lounge area complete with a mini “beach” and gazebos, guests waste no time spending their stay gazing at the gushing cascades atop a hammock. 

The “island,” as Gaia’s staff calls it, is also versatile for any type of traveler. Families with children aged 10 and above can splash around in the cool cascading pools. Honeymooning couples can enjoy a sunset picnic at one of the thatched gazebos. And for the avid yogis, the morning fog creates a mythical backdrop ideal for an Eagle Pose. 

A View Worth Waking up to 

 What sets Gaia Riverlodge apart from other jungle lodges is that you can enjoy the amenities from more than one angle. The Five Sisters Falls is incredible on its own, but waking up to that view takes the experience to a whole other level. There’s no “bad” view when staying in any of the spacious rooms at Gaia. Each room boasts one stunning vista or the other, so you aren’t cheated of the marvelous landscape hugging Gaia Riverlodge. In the Waterfall View Room, however, the Five Sisters Falls leaves you breathless. You can enjoy unobstructed views of the river valley and the gushing pools – sounds of which lull you to sleep in the nighttime. 

The inside of the room is nothing to sneeze at, either. The suite’s handpicked decor and locally made hardwood floors compliment the embracing greenery. Secluded without sacrificing luxury, the rooms will make it hard to leave when the time comes to check out. But not to worry, should you wish for an extended stay at Gaia, the lodge happens to have a Shangri-La-esque Riverside Villa. This is the most secluded room at Gaia and houses a kitchen, living room, and outdoor terrace. You have your own private “beach” on the banks of the river and screened-in porches for when you want to lounge. Complete with a hot tub, hammocks, a reading nook, and eyeshot of a waterfall, your vacation may or may not extend by a week or two once you arrive at Gaia Riverlodge

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