Opt for Belize’s Outdoors: Eloping Safely in a Socially Distanced Destination

by Carolee Chanona
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It’s OK to give yourself the space to be upset when you need to sacrifice a moment, a milestone, or an event as a result of this pandemic. And for many since the onset of COVID-19, that milestone was a wedding. While postponing can be emotionally taxing for all the couples and families—not to mention, a logistical chore for everyone else involved—it’s necessary. Amongst the most affected are the vendors who depend on tourism dollars, whether that’s the wedding planners, chefs, resorts, or more. As the travel industry dips its toes into reopening safely, more and more couples tie the knot—elopement style. After all, elopements have seen an upward trend in the past few months and it’s predicted that it’ll stay, even into 2022. The safest way to stay sentimental with a destination wedding in Belize? Opt for the outdoors for a socially-distanced space.

Elope Now, Celebrate Later

elope-belize-micro-wedding-blancaneaux lodge

An ultra-intimate ceremony at Blancaneaux Lodge. Photo by Leonardo Melendez

While eloping is indeed hailed as the safest option for those itching to make it official, it’s crucial be comfortable with all associated risks. As wedding expert and the CEO of The Wedding Academy Kylie Carlson shares, elopements are incredibly popular right now, mainly because there’s no way of knowing when exactly weddings or large gatherings can resume. In Belize, it’s easy to keep your micro-wedding ceremony ultra-intimate with your own travel pod; the current regulations outlines a wedding shouldn’t host more than ten persons other than the bride, bridegroom, official witnesses and the marriage officer. If you’re trying to decide how to say, “I do,” take the advice of wedding professionals to create a magical, meaningful elopement experience; Belize, with one of the lowest population densities in the world and backdrop-perfect landscapes, awaits.

Benefits of Eloping in Belize & Navigating Elopement Risks

A private elopement at Hamanasi Resort in Hopkins, Belize. Photo by Leonardo Melendez Photography

Besides a heightened sense of privacy, eloping is also a cost-efficient bypass to a triple-digit guest list. Instead, you can prioritize your financial savings for other means; including a more indulgent honeymoon (regardless if that’s now or in the future) or towards longterm dues, like student loans. Not to mention, jumping straight into much-needed relaxation without the hassle of an extra leg of the trip—you’re already in a tropical paradise. According to industry experts, testing should also be essential for a truly safe wedding experience; Belize mandates face masks to be worn in public, with testing negative for COVID-19 as a mandatory entry requirement.

Personalize wedding day face masks. Photo via Etsy

Without a doubt, your elopement day will be one to remember. Share that moment with family and friends from afar with a photographer and even a videographer. The ceremony itself will likely be short and sweet, and you’ll appreciate capturing something now to look back on later. And yes, the photographer should always wear a mask as well.

wedding in Belize

Sacred love on the steps of an ancient Maya temple. Photo by Leonardo Melendez Photography.

Postponed your original wedding date and ready to plan your destination elopement in Belize? Get in touch with a local wedding planner to handle all your details in Belize. Get in touch with Confetti Belize here. Header photo via Leonardo Melendez Photography.

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