Have A Photo-Op: These are Some of the Most Photogenic Places in Southern Belize

by Megan Rodden
turtle underwater snorkel

Strike a pose!  Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words can.  Belize’s beautiful landscapes are as diverse and intriguing as its people and history.  From sugar-sand islands surrounded by colorful coral to mysterious vine-shrouded temples deep with the jungle, there is no shortage of incredible scenes to photograph.  Make your social media followers Insta-envious with gorgeous photos and videos of your tropical retreat. Capture the energy, excitement, and stunning beauty of Southern Belize in these most photogenic places.  

Offshore and Along the Reef

Photo by Megan Rodden

The translucent blues and greens of the Caribbean Sea are captivating.  Sailing in Southern Belize might just be as close to heaven on earth as many of us will ever get.  The powder-fine, white sand beaches of tiny islands dotting the Belize Barrier Reef are Instagram inspiration.

Moho Caye, Belize
Image via Ray Caye/Duarte Dellarole
Near the Silk Cayes. Photo by Duarte Dellarole
Silk Caye, Belize.
belize open caribbean tourism caribbean
Middle Silk Cayes in Southern Belize.
Playful dolphins of Southern Belize. Photo courtesy TIDE

Lush Jungle and Refreshing Waterfalls

Photo by Quilz Tamay Photography

The stunning beauty of the sea and coastline is equally matched and perfectly balanced by the verdant forest and cascading rivers of inland Belize.  Venture into the lush jungle of the Maya Mountain Range. Marvel at the war between light and shadows as sunlight trickles down through the canopy.  Discover sparkling natural pools and spectacular waterfalls for photographs that your friends will envy.

The cascades in Mayflower Bocawina National Park
Vistas from the top of Antelope Falls, Bocawina. Image by Carolee Chanona
Maya king waterfall belize 2021
Chase waterfalls in Belize. Photo courtesy Belize Tourism Board
outlier trail cockscomb belize audubon
The view atop the Outlier Trail at Cockscomb. Image via Belize Audubon Society
Tiger Fern Waterfall inside the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. Photo via IG @natalie_hassana
mayflower bocawina waterfall
Mayflower Bocawina National Park in Southern Belize. Photo courtesy Quilz Tamay Photography

Caves and Creeks

Blue Creek Cave. Photo by Megan Rodden

Photo-document an adventure off-the-beaten-path.  Southern Belize is a treasure trove of lesser-visited gems that few outsiders ever visit!

scarlet macaw trees belize
Photo Courtesy: Roni Martinez
Photo Credit: Copal Tree Lodge
Take a canoe and meander down the Rio Grande
Caving in Southern Belize. Photo by Megan Rodden
River tubing at Red Bank. Photo by Megan Rodden
Image courtesy @saskia_rabbit

Ravishing Resorts

Big Dock Ceviche Bar at Jaguar Reef. Photo courtesy of The Belize Collection

Dazzling décor, striking scenery, pretty plates, and comely cocktails.  There are dozens of drop-dead gorgeous resorts in Southern Belize just screaming to be photographed.

Photo by Itz'ana Resort
Photo by Jaguar Reef
Restaurante Laguna at Umaya
Photo Credit: Ray Caye Island Resort/ Kaejon Misuraca
Photo by Sirenian Bay
Photo Credit: Cocoplum Island Resort

Ancient History and Enduring Traditions

Nim Li Punit belize

Nim Li Punit, Toledo. Photo by ROEming Belize

A few lesser-known but captivating ancient Maya archeological sites sit tucked away in Southern Belize.  If you’ve ever envied Indian Jones then you’ll delight in the discoveries awaiting in the Toledo District.  Longstanding traditions and practices are passed on to current generations through dress, language, ceremonies, music, and food.

BTB Maya Celebration Chocolate Fest Punta Gorda
A Maya Celebration at Belize's Chocolate Festival. Photo by the Belize Tourism Board
Lubaantun Maya Site
Chocolate Making Copal Tree Lodge
Maya women of Toledo District. Image courtesy Duarte Dellarole
nim li punit
An ancient Pok-Ta-Pok court at Nim Li Punit in Toledo, Belize.
Maya Celebration Chocolate Fest PG by BTB
A Maya celebration at the Belize Chocolate Festival. Image courtesy Belize Tourism Board
Featured Photo by Ray Caye Island Resort

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