8 Picturesque Bars & Cafés, Perfect for Instagram, Across Belize

by Carolee Chanona

I dream of cultivating a café culture in Belize, where drinking coffee (or cocktail) is an experience that caters to the sybarite in each of us and Instagram influencer; about mindfully living in the moment and savoring one of life’s simple pleasures with each sip — a quality cup of coffee or well-crafted tipple. In this age, a café or restaurant is more than just enjoying a cuppa or cocktail and ordering your favorite dish. It’s about the experience, the ambiance, and creating memories with the people you’re with. Plus, take a piece of it with you. In other words, a café or bar in Belize that’s good-looking and picturesque makes it easy on the eye (and on the ‘gram) and will cater to those seeking out aesthetically pleasing snaps for Instagram.


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Aside from just offering deliciously crafted beverages or a slew of scrumptious meals to indulge in, these cafés and restaurants across Belize are just some of the best and most beautiful that anyone can enjoy, both on Instagram and off-screen. Whether you’re just passing through or like me, playing tourist in your very own home country.

Wings & Feathers Café & Boutique

Destination: Belmopan ($)

This cute, cozy corner in Belmopan is perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up, with quite arguably the best coffee in the capital. Or dare I say, on the mainland? On entry, its boutique hodgepodge of trinkets, handmade ceramics, and stationery is hosted in the storefront, which opens up to an almost hidden café in the back. Wings & Feathers’ blackboard wall hosts a secret menu, and there’s just enough seating for an intimate few to WFC — work from café. Besides decadent desserts, like their signature double-decker drip cake, they’re equally as serious about the quality of their coffee: an Astoria espresso machine imported directly from Italy ensures a traditional made-in-Italy cup of Joe.

You may have already seen it on Instagram, but Wings & Feathers expanded their café menu in 2022 to include beyond just breakfast, for fixes like a grilled chicken pesto salad and a fruit-berry-and-whipped-cream-topped Belgium waffle in Belize’s capital.

Vista Rooftop Pool & Lounge at Alaia Belize

Destination: Ambergris Caye ($$$)

The sky’s the limit at Belize’s first rooftop pool bar and lounge, which frames a mesmerizing glass-walled pool, suspended over the hotel lobby with spotting windows to look below on. Gentle sea breezes and 360-degree views of the Caribbean, the Belize Barrier Reef, and San Pedro all create a breathtaking backdrop for socializing over small plates and crafted cocktails. This one’s worth the splurge, so be sure to take full advantage of its picturesque backdrop.

Cork Street Whiskey Bar

Destination: Belize City ($$$)

When I said picturesque, I meant it. Cork Street Whiskey Bar is hosted in one of the last standing colonial houses in the City, right on the foreshore of the once-island it stands on as it faces the Caribbean Sea. In fact, this building is the easternmost house in Belize City as historically one of the first trading posts for tropical hardwood, including Mahogany.  Today, its refurbished interiors are sophisticated and cozy alcoves with all the warmth of Mahogany paneling. As a cocktail bar, the only caffeine fix you’ll get here is with an espresso martini. Get your Instagram filters ready—these are the most photogenic cocktails (and small bites) in Belize City, with a dress code to match.

Koffee Stainz

Destination: Orange Walk ($)

Part of the draw of Koffee Stainz is the eye-catching decor, clearly targeting the Instagram set. Think floods of natural light, aesthetically pleasing branding, and plant walls. However, craft coffees and a small menu of shareable bites are also a big pull to this modern and lush oasis in Orange Walk.

Maria’s Bakeshop & Coffeehouse

Destination: Orange Walk ($)

Opening its doors earlier this year, Maria’s Bakeshop & Coffeehouse is instantly elevating Orange Walk’s coffee scene even further. It’s not on any of the main roads, which further adds to its quiet and unassuming character. The cafe built its name on being a bakeshop first, so they know their pastry—and that’s backed by its award-winning pastry chef-owner. Coffee came next, and Maria herself later completed a coffee barista degree online. Now, you can get your caffeine fix via a cappuccino, cortado, or americano along with a breakfast bite too.

1981 at Naia Resort & Spa


1981 is Naia Resort’s signature restaurant, found upstairs of its main lobby.

Destination: Placencia ($$$)

Naia’s devotion to Belizean culture is most apparent in its focal restaurant, 1981. Named for the year Belize became independent, 1981 is a polished, contemporary space out of rustic materials from around the country.

Locally handcrafted basket lamps hang from its cathedral ceiling, while chefs transform local ingredients with a twist, like conch carpaccio.

Muna at The Ellysian

Destination: Placencia ($$$)

One doesn’t always expect to have sleek fine dining when visiting Placencia Village, but Muna Restaurant does it well with its must-visit rooftop location. The Caribbean Sea (and village below) is in full view even as you mingle at the wooden-top bar, where you’ll find regulars and tourists alike. You never know: the decor is as warm as the (elevated) local fare and people alike.

Limilia Restaurant at Itz’ana 

Itz'ana Limilia Restaurant design interior

Itz’ana Resort teases biophilic design at every corner, including inside its Limilia Restaurant.

Destination: Placencia ($$$)

With a nod to its surroundings thanks to the coastal elements inside, the seasonal seafood-focused fare is served up in a beautiful setting at Limilia Restaurant, the heart of the property at Itz’ana Resort. If you’re up for a cocktail, grab one—like the basil & black pepper martini—while calming interiors call to mind that yes, you are indeed on a Caribbean vacation.

Header image of Itz’ana’s Biblio Bar in Placencia. Image courtesy of Itz’ana Resort & Residences. All images courtesy of respective properties unless captioned otherwise.
Editor's Note: This article was first shared on November 8, 2021.

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