Planning Your 2023 Jungle Vacation in Belize? Here’s How to Make it Happen!

by Larry Waight

What happens to your kids when they arrive at a theme park where their fantasies are fed everywhere they turn? Little ones synch up with the environment immediately. So, whether they’re transported to a castle, take a roller coaster ride through landscapes emulating mountains or chat up cartoon characters they run into during these getaways, they’re transfixed.

Whether or not they’re willing to admit it, adults also lose themselves when transported to fanciful places that entice the imagination. When theme parks no longer suffice, grownups crave real adventures within authentic environments that weren’t built by engineers and set designers! If you agree that an enticing visit to “the real thing” sounds heavenly, you’re likely excited to find out how it feels to stay immersed in the sights, sounds and fragrances of Mother Nature.

Wondering where to start? Consider a Belize jungle vacation, where a short airline flight delivers you to an intoxicating jungle. Specifically, consider Chan Chich Lodge in northwestern Belize. Your imagination will take flight as you relax into a green world that restores mind and body. Get out your calendar. It’s time to make this relaxing pilgrimage happen.

Traditional on the outside; elegant on the inside!

“I feel like I’m walking into a movie set,” says one Chan Chich guest as she approaches the gathering of thatched roof cottages tucked inside a world of greenery. Those charming cottages accommodate parties of all sizes. Their interiors are fully appointed with wrap-around verandas, ensuite bathrooms filled with state-of-the-art fixtures (including a double rain shower), mini-bar, and countless extras.

From a French coffee press to 110V electrical outlets and complimentary bathrobes, you’ll be hard-pressed to believe that you’re sojourning inside a tropical jungle where the night’s music is provided by an assortment of creatures that call the area home. When you’re not relaxing in your cottage, avail yourselves of Chan Chich’s premier all-inclusive package that entitles you to choices of birding, medicinal plant tours, archeology, or nature tours. Plus, enjoy scheduled“field trips” to amazing Belize locations.

Throughout your Belize jungle vacation at Chan Chich, meals, snacks, Belikin beer, and non-alcoholic beverages are provided. As you can probably tell when browsing cottage choices, rates are reasonable for such a comprehensive stay.

Book now for a vacation between May and November of 2023 and you could snag a low-season special that makes your sojourn even more affordable.

The Lodge Is This Resort’s Hub


It’s where you’ll go to socialize and gather for meals and excursions. And, if you consider yourself an environmentalist, you’ll stand in awe of sustainability efforts put forth by Chan Chich Lodge management.

Around 60% of ingredients used to prepare fabulous dishes at the Lodge come from the resort’s 3,000-acre organic farm. The rest is locally soured. Plus, everything from water to power adheres to the three Rs of conservation. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Even the toiletries guests find in their lodgings are biodegradable. And if you’ve never slept on bed linens woven of cotton/eucalyptus fiber threads, you’re in for a treat. Even insomniacs admit that they sleep like babies.

Wondering How to Reach This Modern-Day Eden?

Chan Chich is located amid the Maya Forest. It’s an expansive stretch of lush greenery that’s the longest contiguous forest north of the Amazon basin. You might worry that you’ll require a string of transport options to get you to the Lodge. Getting there, though, is easier than you think.

Book round-trip airline tickets to Belize’s International Airport and your Chan Chich Lodge hosts can help you sort out either ground transportation (a 3-to-4-hour drive) or charter flights that deliver you to the Gallon Jug airstrip. Afterwards, a 15-minute drive delivers you to paradise. 

Alternately, ultra-short commuter flights on a domestic airline can be added to your U.S. to Belize ticket when you make your travel arrangements. But whether you’re in a rush to check into your digs or taking in the magnificent scenery while driving, all options are a breeze.

Are you ready to stop dreaming of an authentic jungle vacation? This is your chance to be transported to a haven that does more than offer you a stay. Chan Chich Lodge gives you the rare opportunity to invoke your childhood wonder while decompressing and finding calm and peace. How often are you given the chance to trade reality for wonderment? This is your invitation to do that!  

All photos courtesy of Chan Chich Lodge

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