This Placencia Resort Offers the Best Offshore Experience for Families

by Gisselle Hernandez

A family vacation usually entails the parents seeking a pause from busy work life while the children anticipate never-ending activities. If you’re craving a trip that provides thrilling experiences with a promise of both relaxation and exhilaration, The Placencia Resort offers the best of both worlds. Right on the coast of Placencia, this Muy’Ono Resort is the perfect blend of tranquility and euphoria in providing new experiences. Choose to bask in the captivating scenery inland, or book an exciting off-shore tour. If you happen to be fond of the latter, their Ranguana Tropical Island Experience was named Trip Advisor’s #1 Tour in Belize, and for good reason. This adventure contains the perfect ingredients for an activity both parents and children will take pleasure in. Indulge in a trip to Ranguana Caye and create a new memory your family will always hold dear.

Full Day on a Private Island

Not everyone can say that they’ve had the luxury of having an entire island to themselves. Just 20 miles and an hour’s boat ride away from the coast of Placencia, Ranguana Caye is easily accessible to anyone seeking privacy. You need not worry about how you’ll get there, as the resort takes care of all necessary transportation. On Ranguana Caye, you’ll have the alluring two-acre island for you and your family to enjoy to your heart’s content.

Make your children feel unstoppable as they run on the pristine beach and have all the space to play as much as they want. You can even take delight in a family game of volleyball and other lively beach games that have you active and bonding as a unit. After your heart is pumping and a wind down is needed, savor a restful nap on a beachside hammock. Rock along to calming waves and a caressing breeze.

Exciting Water Sports 

If you or your children crave a stimulating water activity, jump in a kayak and float alongside the island’s edge, where you’re able to embrace the view of both the landscape and the sea life beneath you. You can also experience a peaceful trip on a paddle board atop still waves and a bustling network of flora and fauna. Keep your eyes peeled as you’re not too far from the Belize Barrier Reef, meaning you are sure to spot some interesting creatures and corals. If you’re lucky, a sea turtle might even join you in your visit to the caye’s beach and let you in on its nesting habit.


underwater stingray ranguana caye

Swimming with the rays. © Justin David Baluch

Dive into the clear blue sea and explore the habitat of many astounding sea critters. Don your snorkeling gear because once you set eyes on these beautiful animals, you’ll have a hard time leaving these waters. Snorkeling is more than just a wonderful family activity, it is a life-changing experience as you all get to collectively see the magnificence of nature and how we must appreciate it more. Everyone learns or sees something new, and can relish the shared feeling of awe. It is never too late to teach younger generations about the beauty and fragility that this sea is capable of, and how we must come to explore it as well as respect it. 

Beach Barbecue

All these activities can’t be done without some delicious food providing energy! Bully’s Beach Bar provides a bountiful feast for you and your family to enjoy on the island. In between relaxing swims and much-deserved leisure time, taste the beloved meal of Belizeans, barbequed meat with savory sides to accompany and sate your hunger.  Gather the family around the heartfelt meal and savor it on a peaceful and quiet beach where no one can disturb you. It is the perfect family quality time.

All these traits and more make for a family trip filled with bliss and bonding. Come back inland and decompress in your luxurious two-bedroom suite. Treat yourself to a Relax & Unwind Massage at the spa and feel serene and at peace after a long day of invigorating activities. The Placencia Resort never fails at providing the best accommodations and experiences for a family looking for fun and leisure. The renowned Tropical Island Experience is the ideal escapade that you and your family need. 

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