Here’s Why You Should Rent an Entire Island Resort for Your Group Getaway to Belize

by Larry Waight

Does the thought of a group vacation with strangers turn you off? Suppose that group consisted of your besties; folks with whom you have shared every secret because you trust them that much. Add the fact that your dream group vacation takes place on a secluded Caribbean island and what you get is, quite likely, the most unforgettable getaway ever. If that sounds way too good to be true, then perhaps you’ve never heard of Ray Caye Island Resort in Belize. Renting this entire resort, located off Belize’s east coast, is not just possible but very much doable. In fact, the hardest part of this proposition might be getting everyone in your crowd to agree on dates for your grand adventure.

Here’s why you should rent an entire island resort for your next group getaway to Belize.

Ray Caye aerial drone Duarte Dellarole island resort belize

Photo by Duarte Dellarole

Grow Closer With Your Best Buds

What happens on the island stays on the island…though, that doesn’t mean going crazy!  According to experts at TravelPsych, a group sequestered together-—no matter how exotic the setting or lush the location—-could turn out to reveal a side of friends you may not have seen before. Understanding a bit about group dynamics could be the key to an unforgettable sojourn, especially since everyone will be cut off from familiarity as you rely upon each other during your stay.

“The glue of a group is cohesion,” say therapists, so while your pals may naturally fall into specific roles like leader, taskmaster, mediator, and mother figure, it will be up to each of you to practice tolerance and respect, so your shared adventure goes smoothly. Communicate daily. Look for ways to help each other. Appreciate the fact that you’ll learn so much more than you ever dreamed about the people you thought you knew so well.

An Unbeatable Deal

Your friends may not believe their eyes when you tell them that you’ve snagged a Ray Caye deal that covers lush accommodations, transport, gourmet meals, local beers and rums, a snorkel tour and use of the resorts snorkel gear, kayaks, paddle boards and Hobie Cat for just $1499 per person during a stay that can take place any time between June and October. Invite 40 people to your tropical escape and the island is all yours to roam and have fun.

Keep in mind the fact that this special opportunity has begun to go viral, so timing is essential when it comes to booking at the earliest opportunity. Further, those 40 people needn’t be a gathering of friends; it could be the excuse you’ve been looking for to hold a family reunion since children of all ages are welcome when the resort is rented. Time is of the essence, so your posse will need to commit immediately.

Photo by Duarte Dellarole for Ray Caye Island Resort
Ray Caye jump belize
Dive into the Caribbean Sea at Ray Caye! Photo by Kevin Quischan Photography.
underwater Ray Caye snorkel
Ever been snorkeling like this? Photo via Duarte Dellarole
Ray Caye honeymoon plunge pool

Benefits of Renting this Beautiful Private Island Resort in Belize

  • You’ll fall into a state of healthy interdependence that is reassuring and comforting.
  • The island is big enough for individuals and couples to enjoy plenty of alone time.
  • You’re free to set your own itinerary. Don’t want to snorkel? Leave that activity to folks who can’t get enough.
  • No chores! Hospitality in the hands of Ray Caye’s crew will spoil you for all future getaways.
  • Master the art of compromise. It’s the secret to respecting everyone’s needs, demands, and desires. Repeat this phrase: Just because we vacation as a group, that doesn’t mean we have to do everything together!

Photo by Dylan Hetelle

Experience Ray Caye Before You Even Get Here

After all, seeing is believing. Watch the below YouTube video and imagine your group having this entire island to yourselves as everyone luxuriates in the resort’s tranquility and beauty.  You’re invited to emulate the group depicted at the end of the video showing a party of island guests diving into the ocean in unison, perhaps having spent time enjoying the resort’s spa services and yoga deck.

Having cleverly put together your own dynamic plan for this getaway—and reveling in the low per person cost of this holiday—don’t be surprised if you wind up as your group’s forever vacation or family reunion planner! What’s the ultimate honor? Every one of your party asking the question, “When can we do this again?”

All photos courtesy of Ray Caye Island Resort unless otherwise stated. 

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