Romance Blossoms at Belize’s Victoria House Resort & Spa

by Larry Waight

What’s not to love about falling in love? Behavioral scientists at the University of Utah were curious about the benefits of falling in love that extend far beyond the euphoric feeling that takes over mind and body when Cupid strikes. Their investigation proves that not only do people who fall hard float through days enveloped in a blissful cloud, but they experience the following physiological changes that you will find revealing:

  • Injuries, wounds, and physical ailments heal faster because being in love lowers stress hormones.
  • People who are head over heels feel less pain, perhaps due to extra hugs before a dental appointment!
  • Blood pressure drops are common when a love affair blazes, and immune systems are bolstered, too.
  • Being in love gives the heart a boost of good health (in more ways than one). No wonder falling in love is such an amazing experience!

Does it get any better? You bet!

Having reaped all of those health benefits listed above, you’ll probably be on the search for a romantic destination to spend time with your love away from the stressors of home. You crave a place that’s picture-perfect – one that’s easy to reach. Find it at Victoria House Resort & Spa in Belize, a small, lush resort designed for romance.

Guests can’t say enough about the variety of accommodations at Victoria House, each one guaranteed to assure the privacy and intimacy couples seek. Further, couples can dine at three locations during their stay so they get lots of variety: the Palmilla Restaurant, Poolside Patio, and Admiral Nelson’s Beach Bar.

Simplify your romantic getaway with the all-inclusive package that you and your love are most attracted to so you can focus on each other rather than worrying about decisions even the most laid-back vacation requires. Those packages may include tours, but if the menu doesn’t satisfy all your desires, browse Victoria House’s activity list, and prepare to be impressed.

Wander charming San Pedro on Ambergris Caye

Photo by ROEming Belize

Ambergris Caye is known for being the most happening island in the chain of cayes that dot Belize’s shoreline. Leaving your base at Victoria House Resort & Spa will offer you both a chance to wander the exciting town of San Pedro where couples enjoy all the fun aspects of this travel hot spot. The party scene has no equal. Plus, you can shop, browse galleries, and stop in at a fabulous array of pubs, cafes, and eateries before returning to your nest.

Golf Carts line the streets of San Pedro, Belize’s top travel destination. Photo by the BTB.

The contrast between the vibe at Victoria House and that of the vibrant San Pedro scene is dramatic, so you’ll get a chance to learn more about each other as you transition from the quiet and peace of resort grounds to the pulse of San Pedro.

Having made up an ambitious list of things to see, do, and experience during your sojourn, you would be remiss if you took a pass on the wellness opportunities guests find onsite at the resort. That includes relaxing massages and treatments. This award-winning haven of relaxation also offers fitness and yoga facilities. The couples massage is especially enticing, and you can always order in-room spa services.

If falling in love means looking toward the future…

…one of the best ways to prepare for the dreams and ambitions you may have for your relationship is to show off your practical side. That can mean finding reasonable airfares to Belize during the low season and taking advantage of Victoria House’s current summer special where you can show off your money-saving talents.

Photo by Victoria House Resort & Spa

How can you resist bringing the person who has brought joy, happiness, and even improved health to your life to this gorgeous destination? Your time at Victoria House Resort & Spa is the ideal environment to get down on one knee on the beach and propose a longer getaway—like a honeymoon! Of course, you two will want to return to Victoria House for that, as well!

All photos by Victoria House Resort & Spa unless captioned otherwise. 

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