Say ‘I Do’ in Paradise: Belize Collection Venues Make Every Wedding Extraordinary

by Larry Waight
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If you’ve got weddings on the brain—specifically yours—and you two have already decided to take a pass on a huge affair that will break the bank, you may have already concluded that the ideal way to tie the knot is by planning a destination wedding. Your smart thinking is admirable. Perhaps your idea of the ideal destination includes a Caribbean shoreline – one close enough to make the plane ride relatively short. And if you’ve heard that Belize is fast becoming the destination wedding capital of Central America, your clever intuition is serving you well. But where in Belize should you wed? We turned to the most valuable wedding website on the planet for a solid recommendation and agree with The Knot editors who wrote: “reputable hotel groups like The Belize Collection, which boasts numerous properties for every type of couple” are the best choice of all.

By the time you finish reading this, you’ll both agree!

What Is The Belize Collection?

It’s “a stunning collection of the very best resorts, restaurants, and residences in Belize,” notes The Knot. The Belize Collection includes a “hand-picked selection of beachfront resorts, jungle lodges, villas, and luxury residences” ideal for couples who don’t want to settle for an ordinary resort wedding. 

This network of resorts offers guests an array of packages, adventures, and indulgences. So, whether you dream of a rainforest, lagoon, or beach setting—-or you want to rent a vacation home because a crowd will be down for your affair—-The Belize Collection will be able to provide an assortment of options that are so tantalizing, making a choice might be difficult.

What to Expect for Your Wedding With the Belize Collection

Share the tentative details of the sort of wedding you’d prefer by phone or email and onsite wedding planners will be on it! You’ll be presented with resort options that run the gamut from oceanfront venues to jungles, and even ancient Maya sites. Belize is known for its waterfalls. Tie the knot at the foot of a cascade if that’s your preference.

Staffers familiar with every legality associated with marrying in Belize—where the legal system is based on British law—invite couples to ask lots of questions. Every nuance will be explained to you in detail. You’ll then arrive in Belize three days in advance of your wedding date to apply for a wedding license issued by the Registrar General. Once again, staffers are ready to help you take every step.

Before you pack your swimsuits, make certain that your legal documents are in good order. Bring a passport or birth certificate. If you’ve been married before, you’ll need proof that you’re single. Apply for your license and pay the $105 USD fee. Pick up the paperwork in 24 hours.

The crew and wedding planner at the property you’ve chosen for your wedding can put together a great game plan for your guests, from accommodations to adventures.


Plan your wardrobe in accordance with the season since year-round temperatures fluctuate between 71°F and 88°F. Your Belize Collection destination staff can help you with everything from beauty services to sightseeing recommendations. The resort you choose will also offer you every resource you can think of, including photographers, videographers, musicians, and officiates.

Make Memories That Will Last a Lifetime in Belize

It’s impossible to make a bad choice when you choose a Belize Collection resort for your upcoming destination wedding. This collection of properties sets a standard that others try to imitate, but rarely measure up. It’s the place you’ll gather memories: where promises are made and where your most romantic wedding dreams come true.

All Photos courtesy of The Belize Collection. 

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