Seaside or Bayside? The Choice Is Yours at This San Pedro Belize Resort Village

by Larry Waight

When behavioral psychologist Susan Weinschenk wrote an article about why people love having choices, she wasted no words when giving readers of Psychology Today a carefully crafted explanation. Having choices, says Dr. Weinschenk, makes us feel powerful and goes a long way to helping us feel we’re in control. Both are survival mechanisms that lurk in our unconscious–“the vast sum of operations of the mind that take place below the level of conscious awareness.”

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This is true not only when it comes to critically important matters but the small decisions we make too. What topic gives us the most amount of pleasure? Travel choices–especially those that offer enticing options.

Caribeville Belize: An Exceptional Island Vacation Awaits

Grand Caribe, Belize. Photo by Monica Gallardo / Caribeville

Located just a stone’s throw north of the ever-buzzing San Pedro Town, Caribeville (Population: Happy) is a chic resort village that has it all. Designed with convenience and the relaxation of guests in mind, this vacation destination within a destination has everything you could ever imagine: from multiple pools and restaurants to a spa and even an onsite grocery store. There’s even a medical facility for folks who need to get away but are concerned that their health issues may require attention. As you can surmise, this community was planned to accommodate guests of all ages.

Which Sister Resort Do You Prefer?

Here’s where that element of choice comes into play. You get to choose whether you prefer a seaside or bayside view, and you may be surprised to learn that the one you choose says a lot about your personality. Looking for beachside fun in the sun? Opt for Grand Caribe. The luxury resort, found on Ambergris Caye’s eastern side, offers condo-style accommodation and a whole heap of island charm. 

An aerial of Sunset Caribe

On the other hand, for a stay that’s just as chic but unique in its own right, choose to stay a Sunset Caribe. The newer of the two Caribeville resorts, Sunset Caribe flanks Ambergris Caye’s tranquil lagoon, offering some spectacular views in the process. With two pools, a swim-up pool bar, and even an overwater hot tub, there’s no shortage of “blue therapy” available at this modern island resort.

Regardless of your choice, revel in the myriad in-room amenities available at both properties. That includes private balconies, ceiling fans and air conditioning, a private living area, room service, and much more. 

Caribeville and Ambergris Caye await. Book your stay at Grand Caribe or Sunset Caribe, and prepare yourself for the ultimate island vacation.

Photos courtesy of their respective properties.

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