Seaside or Lagoon Front? The Choice is Yours at this Southern Belize Resort

by Megan Rodden

In the southern region of Belize there lies an uncommon and unparalleled geological feature that is one of this small nation’s special gems.  A popular destination for both national and foreign visitors, it is a narrow, 16-mile-long strip of littoral forest and sandy beaches studded with small resorts, vacation homes, and quaint villages.  The Placencia Peninsula is a special and inimitable location; a Goldilocks destination offering both ocean and inlet as well as easy access to the mainland.  Often called “the island you can drive to,” the Placencia Peninsula has all the characteristics of the cayes but its well-traveled road will take you from the seaside to the interior of Belize with just a short drive. 

So, when picking your accommodation on the peninsula, the question becomes: which do you prefer, the bright and breezy seaside or the pretty and placid lagoon?  This resort in Southern Belize, stretching from the sandy shore of the Caribbean Sea to the mangrove-lined bay, offers both.  

Take Your Pick at Umaya Resort & Adventures

Umaya Resort invites you to discover the best of island and mainland living at one magical property bookended by sparkling bodies of water under the warm rays of the tropical sun.  Delight in nature’s splendor; multi-colored corals rest beneath a translucent warm ocean rimmed by white sand beaches.  Towering palm trees and vibrant tropical flowers decorate the land with shades of green and pops of color to contrast the surrounding blues of sky and sea. 

This is a locale that inspires an easy feeling of peace while also igniting an appetite for discovery and adventure.  Gazing across the glassy water of the lagoon with the hulking Maya Mountain Range in the background, you will wonder at the beauty that this particular position affords.   

Go From the Seaside to Lagoon Front in Belize

A condominium-style resort, Umaya offers not only a stunning location but a best-of-both-worlds vacation experience.  Choose between self-catering in your condo’s own fully equipped kitchen or indulging in creative cuisine and impeccable service at the resort’s Laguna Restaurant.   

Fresh and fun tropically inspired cocktails are served seaside and at the pool’s swim-up bar. Guests can also imbibe at the more refined dockside while watching the sun set over the splendid lagoon and mangrove forest.  Whatever your preference is, Umaya will hit the mark. 

On the seaside, mix and mingle with other holidaymakers around the resort’s oversized swimming pool, thatch-roofed beach bar, and brick-oven pizzeria. Set out on a self-led expedition in the sea with a snorkel mask or an ocean kayak.  Begin a game of horseshoes or volleyball on the beach.

For relaxation and quiet reflection, seek the solitude of the lagoon on a paddleboard outing.  If you’re lucky, a gentle manatee or two may join you for a peaceful float.

Go Beyond Your Average Island Vacation

The Placencia Peninsula embodies the cultural and ecological diversity that Belize is renowned for.  So much more than just an island vacation destination, Belize boasts beauty far beyond its barrier reef and world-class diving.  From the living history of the Maya and the astonishing abundance of its farmland and rain forests to the unique adventure activities on offer, there are many factors that set Belize apart from other locales. 

Belize’s distinctive geography and exceptional experiences are what make the region so extraordinary.  There are few places on earth that can rival it in terms of beautiful scenery, variety of flora and fauna, and friendly communities.  The peninsula is perfectly positioned to be your gateway to the best of Belize’s adventures both by sea and on land.  Make Umaya Resort your base camp for your next Belize vacation and decide: seaside or lagoon?

All Photos courtesy of Umaya Resort & Adventures.

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