Set Sail In San Pedro For A Sunset Cruise On The Sea

by Dion Vansen

After a day of lounging by your resort pool or at your favorite stretch of beach in San Pedro, a sunset cruise with the promise of breathtaking views of the Ambergris Caye coast is never a bad idea. Indeed, a slow boat cruise along the island’s east coast with good company and entertainment is another way to end a perfect day or start a perfect vacation. You can pick among the many operators offering this fantastic experience, which includes punny local favorites like Seaduced by Belize downtown on Tarpon Street, XSite Belize beachfront on Black Coral Street, or Searious Adventures on Barrier Reef Drive. And because the evening show goes center stage at dusk, timing is everything to welcome a sunset on the sea. Most operators will leave from a dock downtown around 4:45 pm, or earlier if during ‘winter’ where the days are slightly shorter. All in all, the two-hour sunset tour is an unforgettable experience in San Pedro, Belize, regardless of who you set sail with. 

What a sunset tour is like

The slow sailing gives you the opportunity to admire the coast of the island’s town of San Pedro as the sun begins its journey to set on the horizon. On the other side of the boat, you will be privileged with a priceless view of the second largest barrier reef in the world. Yes! It will be just a couple of feet away from you, rumbling as the waves break on it. Aboard, there is no time to be bored; most of the time, there is music whilst on the way to your anticipated sunset viewing spots, and plenty of snacks on board.  

Fruit salad onboard with Seaduced Belize. Image via operator.

Think fresh fruits, salsa and chips, seasonal ceviche, and even hand-rolled sushi from the crew onboard. Up for a drink while enjoying the cruise? Grab a cold beer or some of Belize’s signature tropical rum punch. And of course, there are also sodas and water available for non-drinkers too.  

The golden moment 

sunset xsite San Pedro Belize

Sunset with XSite. Image courtesy Carolee Chanona

Off the tip of the southern part of the island, the sailing boat will stop, and right in front of you, a soft and radiant sun will come into view. Depending on the day, sometimes the sun will appear as a round orange or reddish float balloon on the horizon. With a snack or drink in your hand, watch as the sun begins setting behind the waters of Ambergris Caye. Do not forget to bring your camera as you want to capture this unique moment. Take your best pose and snap a picture with the sunset as your backdrop.

You never know what’ll happen on a sunset cruise. Images by Searious Adventures.

Enjoy the view and company for an unforgettable moment, and head back to town in time for dinner. Without a doubt, sunset cruises in San Pedro, Belize are an incredible and scenic option to end the day on the sea. On average, a sunset cruise ranges around US$65 per person. Start planning yours—either through your San Pedro hotel’s front desk or even with one of the operators mentioned—as a part of your Ambergris Caye getaway. 

Header image by Marlena Gomez Photography 

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