Spend August in Cayo with Ka’ana Resort

by Giulissa Hernandez

As the sun-kissed days of August paint a canvas full of possibilities, allow yourself to be captivated by the allure of Ka’ana Resort – an oasis where indulgence and exploration intertwine in perfect harmony. Here, there’s an occasion to attend almost every day of the week! So don’t worry about missing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you’ll have the entire month to try these out. Clear your schedule for a week, because we just saw what Ka’ana has on the menu for their guests and we’re riveted! Here’s what Ka’ana Resort has planned for August.

Sangria Funday Mondays

Drinks at The Wallace Bar. Photo by Ka’ana Resort

To begin, Sangria Funday Mondays is a delightful gathering where the spirit of camaraderie is paired with the refreshing taste of a decadent sangria. Each Monday, friends and fellow enthusiasts come together to savor the perfect blend of wine infused with an array of fresh fruits. As the clinking of glasses resonates, the vibrant atmosphere is a celebration of community, offering a vibrant start to the week with the harmonious convergence of flavors and friendship.

Shrimp Taco Tuesdays and Margarita Nights

Next, take your tastebuds on an enthralling culinary journey with mouthwatering shrimp tacos. With just a few ingredients, the zesty taste will have you coming back every week for sure! In the evening, unwind after a long day with margaritas. Choose from a variety of flavors! That includes succulent mango, revitalizing watermelon, piquant lemon, and enticing pineapple. Pick one flavor for the evening of every week and you’ll have tasted all by the end of the month.

Mayan Night Thursdays

Maya cooking class culinary ka'ana

Enjoy the Maya Cooking Class at Ka’ana Resort. © Quilz Tamay Photography

Evenings on Thursdays are reserved for a special appreciation of Maya cuisine. Whether you’re a local, a new visitor, or a seasoned traveler, there’s nothing like traditional Maya dishes. With spices specially curated for these meals, you’ll be subject to a new amalgamation of flavors every time you take a bite. Dishes are all made with local ingredients of course.

Pizza & Pasta Paradise with Spectacular Wine Fridays

Every Friday, from 12 pm-9 pm, you can craft your very own pizzas and have it accompanied by a tantalizing cup of wine. Be transported to a small town in Italy as these dishes are made exquisitely. It’s surely a great way to end the week!

Ceviche & Aguachiles with Sunrise Spirits on Saturdays

From 7 am, you can choose to start off your weekend with a bang! With mimosas and bloody marys offered at a special price, your Saturday and Sunday mornings just got a whole lot more fun. And for lunch on Saturday, indulge in some savory ceviche and pair it with a beer that’s on special too. 

BBQ Sunday Special

Finally, end your week with a hearty meal that will leave your stomach full and heart content. Share this end-of-week meal with family and friends and have it with its accompanied beer. It’s a great way to wrap up the week and start the whole cycle again!

Photos courtesy of Ka’ana Resort. 

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