Where To Spend Summer On The North Coast of Ambergris Caye With Friends

by Carolee Chanona

Nowhere does a group vacay quite like the Caribbean, and it’s best experienced from a private villa. Your days can look like sailing from island to island, snorkeling for marine life in the Belize Barrier Reef, or simply lazying in the sun, waiting for dusk with a sundowner. Whether a friend-cation trip has been something that’s lived in the group chat or the reboot of the villa-holidaying TV show Love Island is serving the latest inspiration, now is the perfect time to start planning for the summer. Here’s why the north coast of Ambergris Caye, Belize is your best contender for a group holiday this summer.

1. Rally your crew

Compatibility is key, which is why a destination like Belize fits the bill for…well, everyone. Families, couples, groups—you name it. English-speaking with a $2 USD to $1 BZD conversation rate, Belize also boasts the second-largest barrier reef in the world, and it’s only a 2-hour flight (or less) from the continental U.S. And while Ambergris Caye is one of the most visited destinations within the country for a reason (think bustling island life even outside summer), things lull to peace and quiet on its north coast; all the while, being only 75-minutes by boat or 15-minutes by plane to inland, jungle-ridden adventures. Depending on your group’s mood, you can experience either.

2. Find the best villa

If you’re looking to please a large group of people, it’s best to aim for a luxury villa or one with resort-like amenities beyond basic essentials. Not to mention, you want your holiday to be long enough to really relax into the luxury vacation spirit, but not so long that you tire of the group energy. Then, there’s the aspect of budgets. On Ambergris Caye’s north coast, you can take a closer look at the all-villa La Perla del Caribe, ranging from vacation rental homes housing two, three, four, and five bedrooms on its beachfront. The best part about renting a private luxury villa versus staying at a hotel is that most of them are designed so that everyone can have privacy while being all in the same place.

3. Plan what you want before arrival

Do you see your villa stay as a chance to recharge your batteries or do you want to explore the destination and really see and do as much as possible? Communicate what you want from the holiday before you go so there are no misunderstandings or unrealistic expectations as your group vacations in Northern Amerbgris for a Belize summer vacation. Or, plan both: some can stick to the resort pool, while others can venture to the rainforest to explore Maya Sites and cave systems by headlight, should the eco-adventure bug bite them. It helps to have a resort-like villa; La Perla del Caribe offers an on-staff luxury concierge, so even the type-A friend can take a break from planning. 

4. Focus on shared interest and making memories 

If you all enjoy coming together for sundowners and a fabulous al fresco dinner each evening then make the most of this time. You may all have separate interests, but there does need to be some crossover so that you can bond and share the holiday experience as a group this summer. Skip the cooking (and dishes) by booking a local private chef for in-villa dining, or even add-on housekeeping.

A Destination To Do It All: La Perla del Caribe 

Eight individually owned, partially air-conditioned villas have spacious full kitchens, housekeeping, huge bedrooms with open bathrooms, and private balconies to longingly gaze on the breaking Belize Barrier Reef. The pool is open 24/7, kayaks are free, and bicycles and golf carts can be rented, while world-class snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing are just beyond the private jetty. Plus, at 6 miles outside of San Pedro Town, La Perla offers a heightened sense of privacy — almost as if you’ve got yourselves your own private island

All images via La Perla del Caribe.

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