Split Your Stay: Why You Should Opt for an Extended Vacation

by Khaila Gentle

Let’s face it–while quick weekend getaways are great, they’re just not long enough to be the perfect vacation. And surprisingly, science agrees. According to research, a vacation needs to be at least eight days long for us to enjoy all the benefits that come with it, like improved health and well-being. That’s right, true relaxation and all the other positive feelings we get from a vacation don’t fully set in until an entire eight days into our getaway. So, if you’ve been hoping to truly unwind and disconnect from work, here’s why a longer stay is better and how to vacation the right way in Belize. 

Why You Should Opt for an Extended Vacation 

Ray Caye, Belize. Photo by Duarte Dellarole

A study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies found that our feelings of health and well being tend to peak on our eighth day of vacation. This is especially the case when that vacation includes fun and pleasurable activities, a good night’s sleep, and tons of relaxation. 

“Instead of skipping vacations or taking only one long vacation in years, it seems much more reasonable to schedule several shorter vacations across a work year in order to maintain high levels of Health & Wellness.”  (Source)

Planning to take a longer vacation next time around? Here’s the perfect Belize package: split your stay between an idyllic private island and a dreamy villa resort. 

A 7 Night Vacation Package with Chabil Mar Villas and Ray Caye 

For your relaxing tropical escape, head to the sandy shores of southern Belize on the Placencia Peninsula. This 16-mile long finger of land is home to some of the most pristine beaches in the country as well as some of the finest resorts. And, the same can be said for the islands that lay right offshore. Enter Ray Caye Island Resort, the idyllic destination where you’ll spend your first few nights in paradise. 

The “Kickback and Explore” Belize Island Vacation Package by Chabil Mar Villas includes a 3-night stay in an oceanfront cabana on one of Belize’s dreamiest cayes. It also comes complete with boat transfers between Placencia Village and Ray Caye, which lies about an hour offshore.

Ray Caye aerial drone Duarte Dellarole island resort belize side view

All your meals will be taken care of, which means that you’ll have all the time in the world to simply kick back and relax. Indulge in breakfast, lunch and 3-course dinners. Embrace island life with complimentary kayaks, hobie cats and pedal boats. Swim alongside turtles on a guided snorkeling trip. Plus, enjoy dinner and wine on the beach for two. 

Let the beaches of Placencia be the setting for your destination wedding in Belize. Photo Credit: Chabil Mar Villas

For the second half of your 8-day vacation, indulge in comfort and luxury at exquisite Chabil Mar Villas in Placencia. Spend four nights in a luxury villa, complete with complimentary meals, full golf-cart rental for two days, and two adventure tours. 

Ready to enjoy an extended Belize vacation? Contact Chabil Mar Villas to book your stay or visit their website to learn more about this enticing package deal

Featured Photo courtesy of Chabil Mar Villas

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