Summer of Food: The Best Things to Eat and Drink Across Belize This Summer

by Gisselle Hernandez

There is no shortage of iconic dishes in Belize – the epicurean haven that is the tropical country infuses both Caribbean and Central American cuisine while staying true to its own eclectic roots. Belize has its cultural staples year-round, but when it comes to summer there’s just something about the season that instills a certain craving in us. Sunshine and seascapes often call for icy treats, rich seafood, and good-ol’ fashioned barbecuin’.

We may be entering the peak of summer, but there is still enough time to make the most of summer food in the Jewel. Here are the best things in Belize to eat and drink in every region.  

Grilled Lobster and paletas in San Pedro


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There can’t be summer in Belize without lobster, as is evident with the massive Lobster festivals held every June and July. Lobster season in Belize opens on July 1 and is fully taken advantage of by local fishermen and travelers who indulge in it. Snag a delicious grilled lobster tail at this year’s lobster fest or at places like Blue Water Grill, Sunbreeze Hotel’s onsite restaurant.  For dessert, head to Las Paletas for some ice-cold popsicles, known as paletas on the island.

Gelato in Placencia 

If you happen to find yourself frolicking on the silk-sand beaches of Placencia this summer, make it a mission to taste the authentic gelato at Tutti Frutti. Italian-owned and freshly made, the flair of authenticity in every gelato bite does not go unnoticed. We recommend the rich pistachio flavor. If you can’t decide which flavor to get, they offer generous samples to taste.

Cold Brew in Orange Walk 

Belize may not have Starbucks or Dunkin’, but nevertheless, I dare say coffee connoisseurs in Northern Belize have perfected the cold brew. Real coffee snobs will choose their Americano no matter the searing weather, but if you want your caffeine kick on the colder side, head to Maria’s Bakeshop & Coffeehouse in Orange Walk Town. You can customize your drink, whether you want it to be caramel or vanilla, or something else.

 Ice Cream in Belize City

Belize City’s favorite ice cream parlor has released new summer flavors and each is a blissful break from the Caribbean warmth. The Ice Cream Shoppe frequently debuts new experimental flavors, all with tastes as rich and delicious as staple flavors. Go for the delicious flavors and stay for their sustainable ethics such as using reusable cups. They also offer sugar-free and dairy-free options.

BBQ in San Ignacio 

The twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena reign supreme in their iconic barbecue plates. Crisply-grilled chicken breasts with a side of rice and beans, tortilla, and potato salad will keep you full for hours for less than $10BZD. They also prepare it right in front of you, so you have a front-row seat to the epitome of summer cooking. 

Brick-oven pizza in Corozal 

Corozal Town’s Corozo Blues has always been the go-to for tasty, brick-oven baked pizza. But what makes the pie even better is the tranquil views of the Caribbean Sea mere steps away from your al-fresco dining. For a true summer’s day, spend the afternoon taking a dip in the warm azure waters before drying off at Corozo Blues for some Mediterranean pizza. 

This article was published in July 2022. Featured Photo courtesy the Belize Tourism Board. 

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