How Technology is making Belize a Safer Travel Destination

by Carolee Chanona

In a global atmosphere dominated by health concerns, the hotel industry finds itself scrambling to inspire consumer confidence while also working hard to safeguard both guests and employees against COVID-19. Could a combination of leading-edge technologies offer solutions to both challenges simultaneously, and help revive the hospitality sector? The advancements in technology has changed the traveling experience for those who visit our shores, and with new breakthroughs each day, these experiences will become even more interactive and exciting. Besides, technology and travel are the perfect combination. Belize’s tourism industry is dependent on a fast, reliable internet service, and Digi has ensured that its robust and state of the art fiber optic network delivers just that. Free Wi-Fi service in your room is available at most hotels, and similar is offered at most cafes and restaurants.

Share your favorite Belize moments with your friends and family at home instantly – anytime, anywhere.

After all, Digi’s fiber-optic network spans the entire country, you should have no trouble gaining online access.

How Technology is making Belize a safer travel destination

Room service, anyone? © Duarte Dellarole Photography

From replacing tangible restaurant menus and paper in-room compendiums with scannable QR codes to contactless hotel check-in capabilities, mobile room keys, touch-less payments, and in-app ordering and appointments-booking, almost every aspect of the hospitality experience can now be accessed through traveler’ technology. Besides employing mobile and self-service technologies to help personalize guest stays and provide cost-effective management of operations, amid COVID-19, incorporating this kind of cutting-edge tech has quickly become paramount for Gold Standard Recognized Hotels.

Fiber Optics in Belize & the future in the travel industry

In Belize, over 22,000 square kilometers of fiber optic cable spans towns and villages; from as far north as Corozal to south in Punta Gorda Town can enjoy ultra-fast internet speeds powered by DigiNet. In October 2019, Ookla (the global leader in internet testing, data and analysis) gave Digi’s fiber network third in rank for the Caribbean in download speeds. Digi continues to satisfy the demands for high-speed broadband from homes and businesses across the country, enabling the introduction of a range of exciting new technologies, creating an exciting future for Belize. Digi remains committed to enabling continued advancements in education, business and tourism. After all, it is with providing technology and solutions that keep Belize moving forward.

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