Experience Art Through Nature With The Belize Collection’s Artist in Residence Program

by Khaila Gentle
“…and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?”
– Vincent Van Gogh

The beauty of nature goes far beyond sweeping landscapes and spectacular light shows that make for amazing photo-ops. Mother Nature has a way of capturing the attention of the artistically inclined – inspiring them to create. This is why it comes as no surprise that nature, for centuries, has served as a muse for many an artist.

Tucked away in the valleys of Belize’s Maya Mountains, the Rainforest Lodge at Sleeping Giant is in itself a magical display of the country’s natural bounty. From the picturesque Sleeping Giant mountain range, best viewed from The Cliff, to the verdant views atop The Lookout, this Belize Collection resort is in no short supply of inspiration for the ambitious artist. If you’re an artist looking for a muse, here’s why the Belize Collection’s Artist in Residence Program is sure to delight you.

Something Big Is Being Unveiled on August 3rd

Belize is a blank canvas in many, many ways – waiting for artists to come and share, to come and inspire, to come and teach, to come and leave a mark.”

The Belize Collection – a longtime believer in the value and importance of art – is on the verge of concluding its latest project. Through the Collection’s Artist in Residence Program, whose setting is the magical Rainforest Lodge at Sleeping Giant, four artists have been creating something spectacular in the heart of the Belize rainforest over the past two months.

Those creations now sit in the heart of the resort’s grounds – inside the Belize rainforest –  as outdoor art installations. Created using various materials including wire, wood, and cement, the pieces were all inspired by Belize’s ecology and its cultural history. Come August 3rd*, guests at Sleeping Giant will be able to bear witness to the four artists’ fruits of labor.

Artwork by Lucia Meyer. Photo courtesy of The Belize Collection

For Lucia Meyer,  the medium of choice was wood. Over the past two months, and a total of four worn-down chainsaw chains, she has been creating a series of carvings dedicated to the lifecycle of women.

Meanwhile, duo Marcelo Patiño and Gabriella Giusti have been working with a small team of Belizeans to create a piece inspired by the country’s Maya legacy.

Lastly, artist Diego Haretche’s installation combines inspiration from one of Belize’s most photographed animals with The Little Prince. A large, abstract piece, it is akin to George Rickey’s Three Squares.

Learn More About Sleeping Giant’s Artist in Residence Program

The four artists participating in the Artist in Residence program have been residing at the Rainforest Lodge at Sleeping Giant. They drew inspiration from the natural beauty of the Lodge’s grounds. Even better though, other artists will be able to do the same thanks to the 2024 Summer Residency.


At The Belize Collection, we firmly believe in embracing the concept of being fearlessly authentic.  In line with this ethos, we have created the Artist in Residence program, to provide exceptional opportunities for artists to exhibit their work at our renowned resorts. This unique endeavor aims to showcase the extraordinary talents of artists from various disciplines and allow visitors worldwide to admire their captivating creations.

Open to both international and local artists, the residency will allow participants a unique opportunity to tap into their creativity. Inspired by the captivating setting of the Belize Collection’s properties, they will be able to create artwork to be put on display for visitors from across the globe.

Those interested in applying can learn more by contacting the Belize Collection of Resorts.

*Editors Note: due to inclement weather, the event has been postponed to August 23rd. All photos courtesy of The Belize Collection. 

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