The Best Instagram Accounts To Follow When Planning Your Belize Vacation

by Gisselle Hernandez

There are so many aspects that go into planning a vacation, it’s natural to want to have all your bases covered. These days, that includes conducting “research” on Instagram to check what the weather will be like, where to go for insta-worthy pics, and general information on the destination. The social media app has unofficially become a catch-all in trip planning, often a substitute by GenZ-ers and millennials over TripAdvisor. 

With this in mind, it’s not uncommon to have accounts dedicated solely to destinations. Belize is no exception, with several high-profile Instagram accounts taking the lead in marketing the tropical country. To make sure you know what to expect when coming—in no particular order—here are the top Instagram accounts to follow prior to your Belize vacation. 

Vacation Belize.


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A post shared by Vacation Belize (@vacationbelize)

Ran by the Roeming Belize travel agency, @vacationbelize is known for their stunning Belize photos with a lens on luxury travel. 

Travel Belize.


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A post shared by Travel Belize (@travelbelize)

The Belize Tourism Board’s official Instagram account, @travelbelize boasts over 75,000 followers, and often share the diversity of Belize on their profile. 

Explore Belize.

Their bio reads “showing the best of Belize to the world,” and true to their word, @explorebelize showcases tons of user-generated content from across Belize. 

Ministry of Tourism Belize.

As the official Instagram account for the Ministry of Tourism in Belize, this profile is highly recommended when wanting to keep up with Belize travel-related news and any campaigns the ministry is implementing. 

Caribbean Culture & Lifestyle.

A multi-level travel resource, Caribbean Lifestyle publishes on the various happenings around Belize and in the Caribbean. (They also do both online and print editions, with their Belize Gold Book magazine readily available for download.)

Belize Photos.


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A post shared by BELIZE LIVING (@belizephotos)

Giving you a “daily dose of Belize,” this long-established account, shares both photos and videos on the magic of the country. 

Caye Caulker Belize.

A more niche account highlighting the charming island, @CayeCaulker is the go-to when you’re missing that sleepy island in all its “go slow” glory. 

Belize Hotel Association.

This NGO is a must when trying to decide where to stay in Belize. Showcasing the comfiest, safest places to rest your head, the @BelizeHotelAssociation account is a great reference when drafting your itinerary. 

The Belize Zoo.


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A post shared by The Belize Zoo & TEC (@belizezoo)

Okay, full disclosure this is my personal favorite Belize account for the cute, furry animals littered on their Instagram feed! This list wouldn’t be complete without adding the @belizezoo, since it’s always nice to have a reminder on your timeline that making a stop at this attraction is worth it. 

Header image via Duarte Dellarole @DuarteDellarole

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