The Family Coppola Hideaways

by McNab Editorial Team

A Green Getaway doesn’t mean sacrificing Luxury

As people become more conscious about going green, many are now wanting to stay in eco-friendly resorts when they travel. Blancaneaux Lodge, located in Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, and Turtle Inn, located in Placencia, are incredible places to do just that in Belize. The resorts are dedicated to sustainable tourism practices, designed to protect endangered species. Owners Francis and Eleanor Coppola see their role as conservators to preserve and strongly support Belize’s “Best Kept Secret”. With that said, the luxurious hideaways were created and designed in a way to blend into the natural environment by using low profile, environmentally sound designs, thatch, hardwoods, pine, bamboo, and locally produced tiles. The design for the rooms allows the resorts to not use air conditioning. The windows, screened doors, ceiling fans, and high thatch ceilings allows air circulation to enable hot air to escape; therefore, allowing the cool breeze to flow in and out.

For nearly twenty years, Blancaneaux Lodge has implemented eco-friendly systems and procedures, including a focus on renewable energy use and waste management. In 1993, a hydroelectric plant was installed at the resort supplying the property with clean and renewable power. Excess energy that is generated is used to heat the hot pool at the hideaway’s Waterfall Spa. Both Blancaneaux Lodge and Turtle Inn monitor water usage and apply comprehensive strategies to reduce water consumption, such as using a natural filtration system and controlling the flow of shower heads in the bathrooms at all properties. Guests of this Coppola Hideaway are also supplied with bulk purchased, locally sourced, and organic handmade toiletries. This helps reduce the hideaways’ carbon footprint by eliminating the need for packaging and transport.

Blancaneaux Lodge. Photo Courtesy: The Family Coppola Hideaways

You can also enjoy a beautiful lakeshore setting at La Lancha, located above the shores of Lago Petén Itza in Guatemala. Buried deep within the rainforest, its the ideal destination for being one with nature.

Staying at these resorts gets more interesting as they feature an expansive organic garden offering guests a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs which in turn gives them a tastier meal at the on-site restaurants. The resorts also employed the stainless steel water bottle program, aimed to reduce plastic water bottle usage. The Coppola Hideaways of Blancaneaux Lodge and Turtle Inn have also ditched the plastic straws and are fully on board with using bamboo straws.

So as you can see, these amazing resorts are proof that a green getaway doesn’t mean sacrificing luxury during your stay. Guests still have the comfort and pleasure of enjoying all the amenities they would expect on any other luxurious vacation.

Written by Vivian Lizarraga

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