The Photographer’s Paradise

by McNab Editorial Team
marine life photography

You’re not as enthused about your feed as you used to be. How many times will you take the same picture of your pets? Why not snapshot extraordinary Jabiru storks, gorgeous Keel-billed toucans or Magnificent Frigate birds in a place where they needn’t be caged? The blue-crowned mot-mot, scarlet macaw and red-footed booby, back-dropped forever by emerald foliage, are sure to attract bird-enthusiasts to your work. Indeed, like so many seagulls on a crystal beach-which, you could also photograph-they will flock.

Marine Photography

Dive into the water off the crystal beaches, then, and take photos of the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere. This collection of thriving coral and other, more mobile, sea life are excellent focuses for your work. Indeed, even the locals are entranced by their beauty.

marine life photographybarrier reef photography

Maya Sites, and Nature Photography

Oh, but, maybe birds move too fast, and perhaps your camera isn’t water-proof. Don’t fret, St. Herman’s blue hole, marked clearly along the Hummingbird Highway inland Belize, is as solid as its better-known cousin, though it is much shallower, and at certain times the bolder shutterbug can catch animals going down for a drink. St. Herman’s caves would make the perfect setting for self-portraits. Show those back home how adventurous you are! With two whole cave systems, several nature trails (some of which one can explore for hours) and a dazzling, self-cleaning jungle pool, free for the bathing, your camera isn’t going to be the only one happy for the experience.

Infilling your day with as many photo-ops as possible, take a drive less than two hours along the Western Highway and cross the ferry to be transported through time. The Ancient City of Xunantunich is an archaeological site that, even now, is sturdy enough for a trek up its most prominent temple. The awe-inspiring beauty of this kingdom will drive you speechless and allow your camera to capture little pieces of civilizations long past.

caveMaya ruin photography

Animal Photography

Drive back to Belize City the next morning, and stop for a couple hours at the humanitarian Belize Zoo. 29 acres of humanitarian, tropical savannah enclosures, home to 125 rescued species, many of which are happy to pose for pictures.


So yes, dust off your camera, get a ticket and come visit. Paradise Awaits.

Written by Ellise A. Luna

Photos by Leonardo Melendez

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