7 Things To Know About Belize’s New Mandatory Travel Insurance, Effective Today

by Carolee Chanona

Effective Feb. 15, 2022, all visitors to Belize, regardless of vaccination status, are required to purchase the Belize Travel Health Insurance plan. This mandatory plan can be purchased before your trip, upon arrival at the Philip Goldson International Airport, or at Belize’s land borders. With a population around that of Tampa, Belize is geographically Central American but a part of the Caribbean community. Home to ancient Mayan ruins and massive cave systems on the mainland, to the UNESCO World Heritage Belize Barrier Reef just offshore, and the Great Blue Hole, a world-renowned natural wonder so distinct that it’s visible from space. And unlike some nearby Caribbean destinations, it can feel effortless to get an authentic vacation that delivers on all the thrills without skimping on any bookings, even on a budget. Before purchasing your mandatory travel insurance to enter Belize, here are 7 things you need to know.

1. Only tourists will need to purchase Belize’s mandatory travel insurance.

Insurance Corporation of Belize Limited, a local insurance company, supplies the travel insurance; the Belize Travel Insurance can be purchased either before your flight to once you land.


Returning Belizean citizens and residents are excluded from the mandate, as are Qualified Retired Persons (QRPs), foreigners that own a home in Belize, long-stay non-nationals, military personnel, Peace Corps, airline crew, and persons that’ll spend less than 24 hours in Belize. Belizeans abroad won’t be required to buy it either, but they can if they’d like. Once you enter with a foreign passport, you’ll be required to purchase the policy.

2. Even if you have insurance, you’ll still need to purchase the Belize Travel Insurance.

Everyone (and we mean everyone) will need to purchase the Belize Travel Insurance, regardless of whether you already have your own personal coverage. This includes children and infants, too.

3. The US$18 Belize Travel Insurance covers 3-weeks of vacation.

If your vacation goes longer than 21 days, you’ll need to extend the plan for another US$18.

4. You can buy the Belize Travel Insurance before you get to Belize, too.

A hotel, travel agent, or tour operator is able to purchase the Belize Travel Insurance for their clients or guests. However, it cannot be done in bulk and submitted individually. A few (of the larger) resorts are even offering to cover the insurance cost on behalf of their guests, like Naia Resort & Spa.

Buy the Belize Travel Insurance online at www.belizetravelinsurance.com.

5. You’ll get up to US$50,000 covered if you get sick, and US$2,000 covered for quarantine accommodation costs.

That includes the cost of emergency treatment, diagnostic services, outpatient care, medical equipment, hospital stay, in-hospital miscellaneous charges, emergency room, emergency surgery, emergency transportation by local ambulance, prescription drugs all at 100% of eligible expenses, up to the policy limit. This policy will also cover Reimbursement of Hotel Expenses for a Gold Standard accommodation due to inability to travel, like your pre-paid lodging.

6. The Belize Travel Insurance only applies in Belize.

The policy starts the day you arrive in Belize, without a deductible, but won’t provide coverage outside the country. On arrival at the Philip Goldson International Airport, the Belize Immigration Department will ask for proof of your insurance.

7. You’ll need it if you’re entering Belize by land or air.

Moreover, you can only pay with a credit card at the Santa Elena Border (Northern), at the Belize Western Border, and at the international airport.

Header image courtesy Casa Al Mar, a private vacation rental on the island of St. George’s Caye, Belize.

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