This 4th of July, Book a Last-Minute Vacation to Beautiful Belize

by Megan Rodden

Summer is here!  The weather is warm, the kids are out of school, and it seems like everyone you know (friends, neighbors, co-workers) is taking fabulous summer vacations… everyone, that is, except for you.  Being bombarded by an array of vacay pictures and posts on social media can awaken a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out) but don’t succumb to regret.  If you haven’t made any summer getaway plans yet, don’t fret!  Belize is the solution to your last-minute summer travel troubles and just might make you the envy of the office when you return nicely tanned and rejuvenated from your tropical respite.  Here’s how to make the most out of a last-minute trip to Placencia, Belize.

Discover the Caribbean’s Hidden Gem

Whether Belize is a place you’ve always wanted to explore or a favorite destination that you want to revisit, now is the perfect time to come.  Summertime is traditionally our “low season” for tourism, unlike popular vacation spots in North America and Europe, which means you’ll escape the masses and enjoy completely uncrowded attractions.  

Stroll miles of nearly deserted beaches, never have to wait for a table at your favorite seaside restaurant, and delight in small group or private tours of our world-renowned diving, sports fishing, and archaeological sites. 

Belize’s reputation as a relatively undiscovered gem in the Caribbean is understandable, and the local charm that so captivates visitors is most overt in the slow and sultry days of summer.  The Placencia Peninsula in southern Belize is especially captivating with splendid natural beauty, comfortable accommodations, and warm and welcoming people.

Spontaneity Could Save You Big in Belize

Book Your Last-Minute Vacation With The Placencia Resort in Belize

“Low Season” deals on everything from airfare to car rentals to tours and excursions can get even better when combined with last-minute bookings.  The Placencia Resort for example, one of the excellent resort properties in the Muy’Ono Resort portfolio, offers guests an incredible 15% additional discount on rooms and packages booked less than 14 days out. 

Muy’Ono commands the largest collection of resorts in Belize with properties ranging from jungle lodges to private island retreats, but The Placencia in particular, is a convenient choice for families – even when the vacation is an impromptu plan.  

Sequestered along a quiet stretch of beach at the northern end of the peninsula, The Placencia offers guests a feeling of remoteness and solitude. Even so, the resort sits within quick and easy reach of the quaint seaside communities that boast live music, casual restaurants, and small shops. 

Make Your Last-Minute Belize Vacation Worry-Free

Enjoy all that The Capriccio has to offer from the outdoor Palm Terrace.

The Placencia can make your last-minute vacation completely hassle-free by arranging your transportation transfer from the small local airport to the resort, as well as organizing all of your tours and excursions.  The condominium-style resort provides fully equipped kitchens within their one-, two-, and three-bedroom suites if you choose to self-cater during your stay, but you will be sorely tempted to simply indulge in all that the onsite dining has to offer. 

Muy’Ono strives to provide a first-rate farm-to-table dining experience at all their resorts, crafting seasonal menus around fresh ingredients and the cultural cuisine of the country.  Pick from meal plans or all-inclusive packages to make the most of your relaxing respite.

Belize is quicker to reach than you might imagine, being a mere 2-hour flight from several major US hubs.  English is our official national language and being a relatively small country, it is surprisingly easy to navigate.  Many visitors to the Placencia Peninsula remark on how comfortable they feel here, how familiar they become with the people and territory.  They say they feel at home in this enchanting coastal hamlet.  Like a siren’s song, Placencia draws free-spirited travelers to its sandy shores.  It is the ideal destination for a spontaneous last-minute getaway and now is the perfect time to book it.

All Photos courtesy of Muy’Ono Resorts unless captioned otherwise.

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