Three Belize Jungle Resorts With The Most Romantic Picnic Spots

by Gisselle Hernandez

Valentine’s Day may still be a couple weeks away, but you don’t need an excuse to cherish your better half when in Belize. The romance destination keeps attracting lovebirds from all corners of the world and for good reason. With Belize hotels constantly topping “world’s best” lists in the romance category, it’s no surprise many of them possess stunning vistas for mushy romantics. Vistas that beckon enchanted days filled with passionate activities. And what’s more enchanting in Belize than a romantic picnic? If you’re planning to wow your soulmate on your Belize vacation, these hotels have the best picnic spots all around. 

Mountain Top Gazebo – Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge. 

The Belize resort named after the iconic sleeping giant mountain is at the top of travelers’ lists for many reasons. But when it comes to romance, the Belize hotel truly delivers beyond just a picnic. Sleeping Giant Lodge is tucked in the foothills of the Maya Mountains in the Cayo District and is often enjoyed by the adventuring type of couples. It’s home to a vast network of hiking trails with rewarding views.

Here, you’ll earn that picture-perfect picnic spot with a hike. Grab your partner and start the trek to the mountain top gazebo. Take your time and drink in the natural surroundings, listening to the chirping of the birds and the swaying of the trees. By the time you reach the lookout, your soulmate won’t be the only breathtaking view to admire. Take in the undulating valleys from atop the gazebo, the Sibun River snaking below. Stock up on your picnic snacks and refreshments before heading back down. 

Secret Pools – Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve. 

Having Belize’s Mountain Pine Ridge in its backyard provides Hidden Valley Wilderness Reserve with myriad picnic spots across its property. With meandering creeks, gushing waterfalls, and cliff-side lookouts, you really can’t go wrong. However, there’s one site that truly stands above the rest, and that’s because it’s ideal for couples. Secret Pools isn’t the only stunning waterfall at Hidden Valley’s property, but its privacy and ability to be reserved take the cake when it comes to romance.

Tucked at the foot of a small hill lies a thatched gazebo complete with a dining table and chairs. It sits as though just waiting to be used for a private, romantic Belize picnic. A hammock faces the spectacular Secret Pools waterfall which offers a much-deserved cooldown after lunch. Don’t worry about lugging all the picnic essentials yourself though, since Hidden Valley’s staff prepares it for you beforehand. Simply ask the day before, then show up to the secluded area with your better half. Everything will be set up when you arrive so that all you need to do is indulge in authentic cuisine and spend the rest of the afternoon taking a dip or a nap. 

“The Island” – Gaia Riverlodge. 

Award-winning Gaia Riverlodge is also nestled within Belize’s rainforest, tucked within the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. Its restaurant & bar sits just atop a cliff overlooking the famous Five Sisters Waterfalls, cocooned by pine trees and rolling valleys. What makes Gaia so unique – apart from its stunning waterfalls – is that it possesses a beach-like clearing at the foot of the waterfall. Easily accessible by cable car, the “island” is ideal for a day of romantic lounging on a picnic.  It’s complete with a sandy beach, wooden bridge, gazebos, hammocks, and lounge chairs. Plus, there’s ample space to woo your lover into scaling the waterfall with you. Pack a bottle of champagne and some fruits before jetting off to your romantic picnic. Gaia also provides a walkie-talkie so you can be in swift contact with the staff should you need anything at all. 

Header image via The Belize Collection. This article was originally written in February 2022. It has been updated since its original publishing date.

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