Three Ways to Enjoy the New Belikin AF Beer

by Giulissa Hernandez

Belikin beer has been stirring up some buzz in conversations across Belize recently, and this time, it’s thanks to a new addition to the beer lineup. The recently launched Belikin AF Beer is rapidly gaining popularity– and for good reason. What makes this one so different? To begin with, the alcohol percentage is higher than any of its siblings! With an impressive 7.8% ABV, it soars over Belikin’s usual 4 – 6.5% ABV range, and this is where the beer gets its name. With the AF standing for Aurum Fortis, this ‘Strong Gold’ beer goes down smooth and crisp. There’s a plethora of ways to bask in the delicious taste of the new Belikin AF – here are three of them. 

Pair It With Food (And a View)

Kick back beachside and watch the ripple of tranquil waters with an ice-cold beer at your side. While Belikin Beers can be enjoyed quite well alone, pairing it with a delicious meal is just as great. Whether it be spicy snacks, mouthwatering seafood dishes, or some juicy BBQ, the “beer of Belize” goes with every meal. Head to the Tipsy Tuna Sports Bar in Placencia, where you can pair a Belikin AF with a plate of shrimp ceviche or better yet– their signature beer-battered fish tacos. 

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Share It with Friends

Sharing a couple of drinks with friends and family is a Belizean way to relax and spend treasured time together. Enjoy the sound of the beer stopper popping, followed by the clinking together of the glass bottles as you toast to good times. 

Take a few down to the beach and relax on the cool white sands. Who knows? Maybe you and your friend group might have a new favorite drink. (They’ll surely thank you for introducing it to them.) 

Take Your Time and Savor the Taste

Each of the Belikin beers has its distinctive taste. Among them are the Chocolate Stout, the regular Belikin Stout, and the regular Belikin Beer. Interestingly, tasters have noted a beautiful blend of flavors with Belikin AF. Best described as having the taste of the Belikin Stout with the smoothness of the Belikin beer, it creates an entirely new experience. There’s no need to rush the tasting of this new drink. After all, it’s meant to be enjoyed with food and friends – and there’s no better way to define summer.

Photos courtesy of Belikin Beer unless captioned otherwise. 

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