Tie the knot on a Maya Site

by McNab Editorial Team

Romance is the expressive and generally congenial feeling emanating from an emotional attraction towards another person. It normally involves a great sensation of excitement and mystery. What better way to enjoy that feeling than in the company of thatspecial someone inan exotic, tropical paradise?

Belize is a popular and uniqueweddingdestination.With numerous landscapes, tropical climate all year round, beautiful beaches, and ancientMayatemples, a destination wedding in Belize gives you the opportunity to escape to an amazing location and spend quality time with your loved ones, all the while celebrating yourmarriage with your true love.

When you think about it, a destination wedding is anexcellentidea!There are a few places that can make things grand, and make you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere or, quite literally, on top of the world.While beach weddings are beautiful,haveyou ever thought about getting married on a Maya Ruin?For the more adventurous couple, nothing is more majestic and exciting than a ceremony at an ancient Maya Temple.There’s always a sense of greater purpose when you’re standing on an ancienttemplesaying your vows to each other.

Photos courtesy: Leonardo Melendez

In Belize you cansealyour loveon top of one of Belizemanybeautiful and mysteriousMaya Sites.The two most popular sitesintheCayoDistrictareCahalPechorXunatunich.

Cahal Pech

CahalPech, centrally located in theCayoDistrict, boasts an impressive 34 structures in an area of just over two acres. The courtyard makes for a stunning reception area.


Xunatunich, which is reached via a hand cranked ferry has 25 temples. Say I do with the iconicEl Castillo temple rising 130 feel above the plazaas your backdrop.

Altun Ha

When considering whichis the closest Maya site from Belize City,AltunHa would be the site of choice.AltunHa, roughly a one hour drive from Belize City, has a stunning ceremonial center with two main plaza that would make for a stunning venue.

With your special day alreadyhaving that wow factor due to the venue location being mind-blowing, your surprises do not have to end there!Infuse a bit of cultural flavor into your wedding day and get wed by a Mayan Shaman.

Wondering where to begin to plan your big day in Belize? Many jungle resorts offer wedding packages on these sacred sites and there are a few travel concierge services and wedding planners in Belize who can help you plan your dream wedding.  

Written by Louise Roe

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