Tipping in Belize 

by McNab Editorial Team

Belize is fascinating for its hidden nature and its untouched diver’s paradise. A country with a beautiful mix of cultures and a welcoming attraction for tourists, expatriates, for retirees and even honeymooners. If you are planning on coming to Belize there are some things about tipping that you need to know. 

What is the standard percentage for tipping? Or are there situations when you should tip more – or less? These are common questions from foreign visitors, so here’s a basic guide to help you to understand how to tip in Belize. 


Belize offers multiple hotels and resorts, plenty of choices from luxurious to shoestring travelers. Most high-end hotels may add a 10% service charge on the bill, this charge is for bellboys, housekeeping, and porters. However, you should always check your bill and if it is not included you should add a 5% – 10% gratuity to the staff who assisted you.  

Bars and Restaurants 

Caribbean cuisine is very special, “rice and beans” is the traditional food, served with stew chicken, beef or pork. It is commonly found in every local restaurant and hotels. The country also has a wide variety of seafood available, which, when visiting Belize, it’s to die for”!  Usually, a tip is not included, but keep in mind that tipping is about 15%. It is recommended to hand over the tip to the waiter himself. Street vendors, both the artisan and locals, do not expect to get tipped, but they prepare exquisite food and usually provide good service, so why not tip them? 


Tour Guide 

On land or underwater, Belize offers different attractions; it all depends on what you are looking for. When it comes to choosing a tour guide in Belize, it’s easy, for they all have a wealth of knowledge of any destination and are trained to spot things that you would miss. 

There is no set amount for tipping tour guides, about 10–15% of the price of the tour would be adequate.  It’s a good idea to give it to the lead employee and tell him that its a thank you to all the staff for their good service.  


Since taxis in Belize don’t operate by meter, you should negotiate a price before your ride and usually depends on the distance you are going. You can always find trustworthy drivers and you can tip them a small amount if they help you carry your luggage or if you are planning on calling them back for another trip.


The tip is usually given to the spa staff that provides the service. Spa staff in Belize greatly appreciate a tip between 10-15%. You can choose to pamper yourself for an hour or even for a day, with natural products and techniques. If you have more than one attendant providing service, you could split the tip. 

A tip is always a decent gesture, and tipping is important because it is an encouraging sign that you are pleased with the service, and that you are grateful 

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